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April 5, 2013 at midnight
Updated April 4, 2013 at 11:05 p.m.

The Victoria County Czech Heritage Society had its quarterly meeting March 21 at the offices of Kurtz Printing. The meeting was called to order by Stephanie Higdon, president pro-tem. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Bernice Kurtz then introduced her granddaughter, Katie Staff, a student at Victoria West High School, who gave a short presentation on Czech culture and how it compares with the current culture in the United States.

Higdon then called the roll of officers. Carol Janak read the minutes of the January quarterly meeting and the March board meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Treasurer Ed Nevlud was not present to give a report but had sent a report for the meeting. Higdon then reported that 32 members had not paid the 2013 dues. The names of those not paid were read. Sunshine chairwoman Doris Raska reported that sympathy cards had been sent to Lois Schindler for the loss of her husband and to the Dornak family for the loss of their mother, Dorothy.

Under old business, Higdon pointed out that although she had never worked on the newsletter before, she did get all the information to Kurtz Printing for the March newsletter that was sent out. Festival booth chairmen were reminded that a written summary is needed for each booth's operations for our records and future chairmen and should be turned in by the June quarterly meeting. Scholarship committee chairwoman Malvina Slovak is coordinating the scholarship applications.

Higdon then reported that recently resigned president David Wokaty wished to remain on the board as an automatic director. Marjorie Matula, as a charter member, stated that becoming an automatic director was not meant to work this way. If Wokaty wishes to serve as a director, he will have to seek election at the next election.

Under new business, the issue of nominating a new president to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Wokaty was conducted. With no nominations from the floor accepted, Stephanie Higdon stated that she would consider the position with the help of the members. Higdon was elected president by the members present. Higdon then asked if there were any nominations to fill the position of first vice president (vacated by Higdon), and there were none. Since most of the membership work of this office has been completed for this year, it was decided that this position could be left empty since there were no nominations. Higdon then reported that the upcoming queen's contest was reported in the newsletter, but there have been no inquiries. She then gave the schedule for upcoming state meeting beings.

Also under new business was discussion about the entree to be served at the June anniversary meeting. Mary Kay Janssen motioned that we have grilled chicken breast for the meeting. Doug Janssen seconded, and the motion passed. Higdon advised the members that Dorothy Bujnoch, Ed Nevlud's aunt, will be the guest speaker for the anniversary meeting. Higdon also asked for confirmation of the amount of the scholarships for 2013. Thomas Kurtz made a motion that we again offer two $750 scholarships. Patricia Kovar seconded, and the motion passed.

Donald Dusek, festival chairman, was then called upon to review planning for the annual festival. Dusek began by first discussing the database of membership that he has kept that Higdon has been using and updating in her role as first vice president of membership. It was decided that rather than both trying to maintain a database, from this point forward, this will be the job of the first vice president of membership. Dusek continued by confirming the date of the festival as Sept. 22. Dusek went through the list of booths/festival chairmen confirming with those chairmen that were present. Marjorie Matula confirmed that all of the festival entertainment has been booked, including the Spinning Wheel DJ Music, Fritz Hodde, Red Ravens and the Shiner Hobo bands.

Dusek also covered everything that is included on the flyer as they need to be available by the June meeting. It was confirmed that we would again have the face painting (Brenda Shelton was asked last year to return), as there will be no other children's games. Patricia Kovar agreed to again handle publicity but declined to take the placemat ads again. There was then discussion about having two different prices for two different size ads on the placemats. Doug Janssen made a motion to set ad prices at $30 and $50, with the two free admissions. Doris Raska seconded the motion, and it passed. Janssen agreed to handle the placemat ads for us.

Dusek then brought up the date of our September quarterly meeting currently set for Sept. 19, which is only a few days before our festival. Since this date is too close to the festival, it was decided to change the meeting date to Sept. 12. Dusek went on to discuss the deposit and price of the Community Center rental for 2013 and 2014. The cost of admission was also discussed. Stephanie Higdon made a motion to keep the admission at $7 per person and the price of the catered meal at $8. Reuben Petrusek seconded, and the motion passed. Dusek also asked members about the price of the booth rentals. We have charged $40 in the past. Carol Janak made a motion that we raise our booth rentals to $45. Mary Kay Janssen seconded, and the motion passed. Dusek also asked if members wanted to purchase a quilt from Doris Raska again as a prize on the raffle drawing. It was agreed that we would purchase a quilt from Raska. Reuben Petrusek made a motion that a caterer prepare the same meal as last year - the pecan-crusted pork loin. Mary Kay Janssen seconded, and the motion passed.

Higdon then reviewed the dates of upcoming meetings and events. It was agreed that a postcard would be mailed to members prior to the June meeting. Matula then congratulated Higdon on the outstanding job she had done on preparing the newsletter and presiding at the meeting in her new position as president. Raska added that she would try to have a couple of quilts to choose from at the June meeting and will once again donate a wall hanging to the auction. The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. for refreshments.

Upcoming meetings:

April 20 - CHS State Membership Meeting and Queen Pageant, Caldwell Civic Center, Caldwell. Registration starts at 8 a.m.

June 27 - VCCHS Quarterly Meeting and Anniversary Dinner, Holy Family Catholic Church, St. Peter's Hall. Social starts at 6:30 p.m.



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