Music a key component of 2013 Victoria film festival

JR Ortega By JR Ortega

April 5, 2013 at 9 p.m.
Updated April 4, 2013 at 11:05 p.m.

"Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night."

That's what DeBarge sang about back in 1985, and those lyrics hold true for what people will hear at the Victoria TX Independent Film Festival on Saturday night.

Victoria band Stout City Luchadores joins Austin-based bands Something Called Nothing and Wackford Squeers at the Golden Gecko for a night of eclectic, punk rocker, dark swing music.

Music is very much part of a film festival, some band members say, and the idea behind making the second annual festival's focus on films, arts and music will be key to its success.

The band Something Called Nothing took time to chat with the Advocate. Virginia Lopez, vocals and guitarist; Jason Sanchez, bassist; and James (Jim) Garcia, drummer, are excited about performing for their first film festival.

How important is it to be part of this year's film festival?

VIRGINIA: We've never actually done film festivals. I think the experience is going to be fun. It's not every day you get to do things like this.

JASON: Growing up there, you didn't see things like this. This is something that's just getting started. Austin has a pretty good scene and to see Victoria trying to do something like that. ... Hopefully it turns into something great for the city.

JIM: I'm excited to go to the film festival. For me, personally, I love art. I'm a cartoonist.

I've seen that you all have performed in Victoria before. What has that experience been like?

VIRGINIA: We had a couple of shows in the Downtown Bar and Grill. We've got a good reaction. I started this project sometime back. It's like a passion.JASON: I think with me being from there, a lot of my family will show up. Seeing some of my own fans, when they see us, they're totally different from what we're used to seeing. They're curious every time we come back. We see the same faces and some new ones as well.

JIM: It was fun. I've played other places, I've been there (Victoria) twice. I had a blast.

So, Something Called Nothing. What's with the name?

VIRGINIA: One afternoon I was just hanging out with the original members of the band. Splitting Butter, we came up with that. Of course, we kept drinking. I had a dog named Cow, so I thought, what about Cow on the Run? Then we drank some more. So I was like, what about something called nothing, it makes no sense at all.

JASON: ... That's my first time hearing that story.

What song do you most associate with that you all have performed?

JASON: One of my favorite songs to play is "Tortured Heart." For me, it's such a fun song to play. When I first heard it, I was immediately hooked, not only with the music part but even the lyrics. Everyone has gone through heartbreak. It's something that anyone can relate to.

JIM: I'm going to have to agree with Jason, "Tortured Heart" is good. I like the song because it's really energetic and it pumps up the crowd. I love the drum beat. It pumps me up.

VIRGINIA: I go through phases. Every time I come up with a new song, it's my favorite. Right now, "Cold Shoulder" is a good, fun song for me to play. I enjoy it, and I think people enjoy it. I like playing them all.

How would you describe your music?

VIRGINIA: We capture not just a certain genre, you don't walk into one of our shows and just see punk rockers. It's kind of cool. We must be doing something right. JIM: I don't really know. ... It's like punk rock/rockabilly/swing. It's kind of a bit of everything. I started off playing punk/rock.

Which are you most excited about for the film festival?

VIRGINIA: We're looking forward to rocking out!

JASON: I'm looking forward to drawing in a different crowd. We see the same people and few new faces. Hopefully there will be some different people that haven't seen our show or haven't even heard of us. Hopefully they'll like it.

JIM: I hope there will be a lot of people. It's a film fest. Hopefully people from all over, from the Valley to Houston.



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