Slow start leads to great finish for one bowler

April 10, 2013 at 11:03 p.m.
Updated April 10, 2013 at 11:11 p.m.

A week after seven bowlers exceeded the 700 series mark, Travis Dollins was the only bowler to navigate the lanes to break the barrier this week.

Dollins started slow during Sundowner League play to roll a 212 game before finding his line for two great final games of 258. The three games total resulted in an excellent 728 series to earn him the honors for the week.

Other scores of note for the men were T.J. Mooney, 259-690; Steve Dickinson, 686; Kevin Stacy 684; Jacob Silgero, 265-683; Mike Wortham, 256-683; Gary Hatter Jr., 677; Dandy Richards, 259-676; David Matthews, 673/257; Mike Stacy, 268-661; Michael Conchola, 256-659; Abel Garcia, 242-658/258-652; Scott Snow, 256-654; Ramsey Martinez, 255-650; Mark Rodriguez, 261; Victor Thomas, 259; Eddie Gonzales, 256; Ron Gabrysch, 256 and Abraham Flores, 256.

Lynda Mikulec started the first game of Sugar & Spice competition with a double, but two unconverted splits and an open frame later she finished with a 162 game.

After struggling through the first half of the second game Mikulec started to find the right line and finished with a 212 game. The third game she zeroed in to string seven strikes in a row for a final game of 244 and a 618 series to post the high women's score.

Christine Speer also passed the 600 barrier with a 224 high game contributing towards a 601 total. She also rolled a 224 game and 582 series in another league.

Other good scores for the women were Denise Gabrysch, 213-587, and Carri Lee, 212-584.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Randy Vivero, 785 (Red River), and Deborah Bues, 684 (Sugar & Spice).

The entry deadline for the 29th Senior Mixed Tournament is Tuesday.

Any Victoria USBC member who was 55 years of age or older as of March 1, 2013 can participate. The tournament will consist of four-member teams with at least one member being of the opposite sex and a singles event. This is a handicapped tournament so everyone has a chance to win.

Entry forms are available at the Century Lanes. Victoria USBC Scholarships applications are also available for high school seniors or college students up to age 22.

The PBA Tour completed its winter TV session with the broadcast of the inaugural PBA League Championships. The New York City WTT King Pins, sponsored by former tennis great Billie Jean King, won the Elias Cup.

Pete Weber was captain of the team and the anchor bowler in the Baker system of bowling. With each player bowling only two frames per game, individual performance contributes greatly towards the team total.

Weber needed a mark in the 10th frame of the second and final game for a win and he came through with a strike to cinch the victory.

This has been a great year for Weber, having won two major tournaments this year, the U.S. Open earlier this year and the Tournament of Champions last week.

The PBA Tour will return to action with the GEICO PBA Summer Swing starting May 20 through June 2, with four tournaments being televised by CBS Sports.

SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: E. Smith 240-637; J. Walker 612; J. Figueroa 584; R. Silgero 225-562; B. Reyna 560; N. Cadengo 224-547; OVER THE HILL 1ST JUST FRIENDS Women: C. Sturm 525; B. Scheffer 504; G. Billo 495; Men: A. Garcia 258-652; J. Figueroa 225-607; S. Gritta 240-573; D. Persilver 551; J. Simmons 538; R. Nickel 518; W. Conaway 518; R. Estrada 213-518; A. Scheffer 516; J. Schmidt 509; A. Hempel 509; M. Mathieu 505; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) HANG THIS and PINBUSTERS Women: C. Speer 224-601; P. Bellanger 554; Men: S. Snow 256-654; R. Martinez 255-650; S. Dickinson 631; D. Padgett 615; R. Morris 243-606; B. Mooney 602; J. Silgero 232-596; B. Kitchens 596; B.J. Rubio 567; K. Bryan 232-560; B. Redding 555; E. Gonzales 553; S. Smith 233; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: D. Richards 259-676; A. Garcia 242-658; M. Osterson 236-647; J. Matson 226-643; M. Stacy 235-634; R. Vivero 634; D. Erdelt 256-627; W. Parker 236-625; T. Bennett 616; D. Matthews 257-613; R. Kalmus 231-607; V. Thomas 607; J. Wittenburg 234-594; B. Marques 2340593; J. Cavazos 591; J. Tweedle 578; W. Lorance 577; T.J. Mooney 226-576; S. Zeplin 566; D. Flores 565; J. Rodriguez 564; K. Schupbach 562; J. Flores 561; R. Thompson 557; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST STROUD'S Women: L. Mikulec 244-618; C. Lee 212-584; C. Speer 224-582; T. Wortham 222-567; J. Sanders 543; S. Guinn 536; P. Bellange 534; D. Drake 533; A. Cano 532; L. King 524; B. Koebrick 518; Men: T.J. Mooney 259-690; K. Stacy 236-684; M. Wortham 256-683; J. Silgero 265-683; M. Svatek 629; S. Zeplin 619; R. Gonzales 616; L. Mikulec 238-615; R. Silgero 612; C. Aiken 610; R. Vivero 608; J. Tweedle 595; J. Cano 231-595; B. Hyden 592; R. Estrada 590; D. Flores 587; R. Geddings 585; R. Norman 582; M. Almendarez 579; W. Reyna 575; J. Bateman 572; C. Kurtz 225-569; B.Pontillo 566; A.Matejek 565; B. Hilbig 563; R. Rodriguez 555; L. Hall 551; M. Osterson 229-549; CAPTAIN'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: J.A. Brown 526; P. Jackson 218; J. Lambrecht 203; DOW MIXED 1ST (3 way tie) BANDIDIOS, GUTTER DUSTERS, and ALLEY CATS Men: M. Wooton 596; J. Cuellar 236-592; M. Rodriguez 261-586; J. Rhymer 244-575; J. Cavazos 226-568; L. Fuhrman 557; J. Pena 551; D. Chavez 550; P. Bowland 550; SUNDOWNERS 1ST FULL HOUSE Women: S. Guinn 569; L. Heil 539; I. Caballero 214-535; N. Schmidt 522; C. Nelson 211; Men: T. Dollins 258-728; S. Dickinson 245-686; G. Hatter Jr. 245-677; D. Matthews 244-673; M. Stacy 268-661; V. Thomas 259-646; V. Thomas 259-646; R. Gabrysch 236-643; R. Rodriguez 235-642; M. Osterson 232-638; I. Gomez 632; D. dye 631; S. Miller 629; J. Blount 230-628; D. Reissig 244-623; E. Fingers 618; L. Helms 235-617; M. Koehne 608; C. Hoff 598; D. Knowlan 597; J. silgero 597; R. silgero 596; T. Bennett 593; E. Gonzales 256-591; M. Michalec 590; R. Klamus 589; D. Garcia 586; B. Hammack 583; D. Hayward 577; E. smith 574; A. Flroes 256-573; H. Reissig 568; R. Brotze 563; B. Korczynski 562; T. Pfuhl 561; H. mcLemore 561; W. Jackson 557; M. Unger 556; D. Marques 553; J. Weber 242-552; B. Alex 233; FRIDAY MXIED 1ST SENTRY HEALTHCARE Women: D. Gabrysch 213-587; M. Ligon 205-538; N. Schmidt 535; K. Garcia 514; Men: M. Conchola 256-659; C. Bigham 233-647; S. Dickinson 236-621; T.J. Mooney 241-605; R. Gabrysch 256-596; R. silgero 580; J. Flores 568; W. Reyna 233-555; R. Morris 553.



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