Goliad educator retires - again (video)

April 10, 2013 at 9:01 p.m.
Updated April 9, 2013 at 11:10 p.m.

GOLIAD - After almost 40 years in education, the Goliad schools superintendent is retiring.

And it is for real this time, joked Christy Paulsgrove, who attempted to retire as assistant superintendent in 2007 but returned two years later as the first woman superintendent in Goliad.

"I just wasn't ready at that time to retire, and a job came open as intermediate school principal, and I thought, 'I'd like to do that,'" Paulsgrove remembered. "But I think we are in a good spot. We have good staff, good kids and good parents. We are in a spot where someone can come in and take over."

Bob Gayle, school board president, would not comment about the resignation Wednesday, but Paulsgrove said the board plans to conduct its own search for a replacement, advertising on its website.

Paulsgrove said she will stay until the end of her contract at the end of June.

Susan Bell, an administrative assistant in the office since 1992, said Paulsgrove worked to organize the office and made school security a priority.

"It is great to work with her. She is just a real considerate person who is very fair and easy to get along with," Bell said, adding she is sad to see her leave.

But Bell said she was not surprised by the announcement to the school board Paulsgrove made Monday.

Paulsgrove, 61, said she made the decision so she could spend more time with her husband and her grandchildren.

One of her proudest accomplishments as an educator, she said, was when she was named the middle school principal of the year in 2003.

"I hope to do some traveling. I want to keep my grandkids and visit with them. I will still come back and visit with all my school kids at their school events. We have a swimming pool at home - I hope to finally use it," Paulsgrove said, smiling.

The one thing she hopes her students have learned from her is to love what they do.

"You can't be good at something if you don't enjoy it. You have to put your heart and everything into it," Paulsgrove said. "I have loved doing this. I never once woke up and thought, 'Why didn't I do something else? I never had any regrets with what I did."



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