Land of the Gods: Enlightenment in India

A student at St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School in Trivandrum performs for Annual Day, an evening of performing arts that includes theatrical skits, native dancing and choral performances.

•  Saturday - Enlightenment in India

• April 20 - Christianity and yoga

• April 27 - Education in India

• May 4 - Christianity in Kerala state

While in India for five weeks earlier this year, Advocate reporter Jennifer Preyss had the opportunity to experience the ripe, exotic Eastern traditions of the southern state of Kerala.

A country that boasts ancient religious plurality, 1,000-year-old architecture and a southern coastline of beaches deemed by National Geographic as some of the most beautiful in the world, India remains today a fusion of progressive modernity and primitive tradition.

In this four-part series, "The Land of the Gods," Preyss examines enlightenment in India, Christianity's relationship with yoga, early and secondary education in India and the limited presence of Christianity in a predominantly Hindu country.

See page E1 for the first installment of "The Land of the Gods: Enlightenment in India."

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