Area athletes turn in impressive performances

April 15, 2013 at 9:04 p.m.
Updated April 14, 2013 at 11:15 p.m.

The past few weeks, many area runners and triathletes have been busy racing around the region and turning in amazing performances along the way.

Here are some results from the area for various triathlons and road races:

Wet n' Wild Triathlon

The Wet n' Wild Triathlon Festival is an annual event that is held in Corpus Christi, with a portion of the proceeds going to Bikes for Kids.

The swim portion was held in the pool at the Corpus Christi Natatorium, and there is both a sprint and newbie sprint distance offered. There were five area triathletes competing.

Local results for those competing in the sprint distance (300-meter swim, 14-mile bike, 5K run) are: Crystal Cantu, 1st 30-34 age group, 1:14:32 (5:47/40:55/27:01); Steve Kuecker, 1st 55-59 age group, 1:17 (5:26/42:22/28:34); Natalie Bayarena, 3rd 30-34 age group, 1:21:23 (5:55/45:37/28:24); David Bayarena, 5th 35-39 age group, 1:21:51 (7:32/45:49:27:06); Ashley Leita, 1st 20-24 age group, 1:22:57 (6:39/44:47/30:07).

Chick-fil-A Young Life 5K/10K

The third annual Chick-fil-A Young Life 5K/10K was held Saturday and had approximately 300 runners hitting Navarro Street to raise money for our area Young Life organization.

There were some impressive performances turned in by many area runners from here in Victoria. There were 236 walkers and runners in the 5K.

Will Maraggia was the overall winner with his time of 17:50:99, averaging 5:43 per mile pace. Casey Roth came in second with his time of 18:34, averaging 5:57 per mile pace, and Derrick Carroll rounded out the top three overall with a time of 18:45, averaging 6:01 per mile. Leana Elliott took home the top overall prize in the 5K women's field with her time of 21:54, averaging 7:01 per mile. Leah Harvey came across in second place with a 22:28, averaging 7:12 per mile, and Alyssa Cisneros rounded out the top three overall women with a 23:51, averaging 7:39 per mile.

Following are the top 10 overall in the men's and women's 5K race.

Men's results: Jason Lewis, 4th, 19:16; Felix Durna, 5th, 20:41; Brandon Strelczyk, 6th, 22:04; Glen Norton, 7th, 22:07; Jim Drzozowski, 8th, 22:18; Brad Madigan, 9th, 22:20; Arthur Hernandez, 10th, 22:47. Women's results: Dorothy Rusch, 4th, 23:53; Marithza Calderon, 5th, 24:22; Stephanie Spears, 6th, 24:33; Mandy Brown, 7th, 24:44; Nicki Hagel, 8th, 24:44; Kaylee Branch, 9th, 25:23; Allison Atkinson, 10th, 25:28.

In the 10K, there were 55 runners and walkers. Matthew Gonzales turned in the top overall performance with his time of 39:23, averaging 6:21 per mile. Nacho Trevino came across the line in second place with a 40:15, averaging 6:30 per mile. Juan Llanes rounded out the top three men with his time of 40:41, averaging 6:34 per mile. On the women's side, Denise Tomanek cut two minutes off her time from last year and came across the line about 90 seconds in front of second place. She won the women's overall title with a time of 41:28, averaging 6:41 per mile. Kathy Manning came across in second place with her time of 43:10, averaging 6:58 per mile, and Caniece Thomas rounded out the women's top three with her time of 47:18, averaging 7:38 per mile.

Following are the top 10 overall in the men's and women's 10K race. Men's results: Blake Westbrook, 4th, 40:52; Luis Barrios, 5th, 41:21; Lupe Vega, 6th, 42:09; Mike Felchak, 7th, 42:45; Eric Dohmen, 8th, 43:29; John Klemczyk, 9th, 43:34; Colton Willoughby, 10th, 45:35. Women's results: Mallory Draper, 4th, 49:35; April Deleon, 5th, 50:56; Grace Neibrandt, 6th, 52:26; Jamie McElroy, 7th, 55:09; Sonia Pena, 8th, 55:43; Karisa Miller, 9th, 55:56; Kimberly Motley, 10th, 56:25. Full results can be found at

Republic of Texas Triathlon

The Republic of Texas Triathlon Festival was held Sunday in downtown Corpus Christi.

The festival offered three events: a sprint distance, an intermediate distance and a half-ironman distance. The swim took place in Corpus Christi Bay, and the bike and run routes traveled along Ocean Drive.

The intermediate distance consisted of a 1,000-meter swim, a 36-mile bike and a 6.2-mile run. There were 85 total participants in this event, and two area triathletes competed at this distance. Missy Janzow finished first in the women's 40-44 age group, fifth female overall, and 29th overall. She finished in a time of 3:04:44, covering the swim in 20:53 (2:05/100m), the bike in 1:45:29 (20.4 mph) and the run in 54:08 (8:21/mile). Doug Ellett turned in a time of 3:16:44, placing him seventh in the 45-49 age group, 37th male, and 63rd overall. He covered the swim in 15:50 (1:35/100m), the bike in 1:48:55 (19.8 mph) and the run in 1:07:11 (10:20/mile).

The sprint distance consisted of a 400-meter swim, an 18-mile bike and a 3.1-mile run.

There were 175 total finishers in the event, and we had seven area triathletes competing at this distance. Crystal Cantu turned in the top sprint performance with her time of 1:28:35, placing her first in the 30-34 age group and fifth overall female. She covered the swim in 8:01 (2:00/100m), the bike in 50:41 (21.3 mph) and the run in 26:52 (8:40/mile). Other finishers in the sprint distance were: Steve Kuecker, 2nd 55-59 age group, 1:34:35 (swim- 7:19; bike- 54:41; run- 29:19); Brad Short, 7th 35-39 age group, 1:40:26; John Luna, 7th 40-44 age group, 1:41:03 (swim-10:12; bike-55:14; run-29:34); Ashley Leita, 2nd 20-24 age group, 1:46:24 (swim-inclusive; bike- 1:01:15; run-31:23); Ricky Bishop, 9th 35-39 age group, 1:50:26 (swim-12:14; bike-1:03:37; run-27:50); Kara Howard, 6th 30-34 age group (swim-9:36; bike-1:06; run-32:29.

Austin 10/20

This 10-mile road race was held in the streets of downtown Austin on Sunday. There were 4,834 runners with 1,648 of those in the men's field (1:42 average) and 3,186 in the women's field (1:54 average). We had eight area runners competing. Kathy Manning turned in an amazing performance, especially considering she had just ran in the area 10K the day before. She finished in first place in the 50-54 age group with her time of 1:16:27, averaging 7:35 per mile pace over the 10 miles. Here are the other area results: Amber Prailey, 1:34:11; Santiago Chavez, 1:34:11; Jill Heard, 1:47:36; Kathy Kallus, 1:53:36; Danny Heard, 1:55:48; Analisa Benoit, 1:56:00; Marlena Gutierrez, 2:10:15.

Missy Janzow received her B.S. in Dietetics from Southeast Missouri State University and owns Fit4U, a personalized coaching and nutrition business that serves to train the novice or seasoned triathlete or runner. You can reach her with your questions at



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