Fashion tips with Haili Z: New Gem to Texas | Designer Jessica Bird

By Haili Z
April 18, 2013 at midnight
Updated April 17, 2013 at 11:18 p.m.

A woman wears a statement bracelet by J.Bird Jewelry.

A woman wears a statement bracelet by J.Bird Jewelry.

New to the scene is jewelry designer, Jessica Bird. Her jewelry is fun and edgy, and some upcoming pieces include vintage Chanel.

I'm in love with the pieces in the showcasing of her line, but I wanted to get to know more about the jewelry designer.

Does her personality reflect on the statement pieces of jewelry that I am gushing over? I would like to introduce the Houston-based jewelry designer to you, Jessica Bird, in which the brand goes under J. Bird Jewelry.

Jessica spills the beans on her inspiration, materials used in the collection, and what women the designer sees wearing her J.Bird Collection.

What is your inspiration for the Soloist line?

The soloist line represents the woman I want to be. Natural, sophisticated, independent, and pure. It is minimalistic but extravagant; raw yet refined. The idea is to have a single piece that is a stand-alone as a work of art and transitional from a T-shirt to cocktail dress.

Where are you currently carried?

I am currently carried in Coquette, Carrie Ann Boutique, Hemline, and was recently picked up by Chloe Dao in Houston. My e-commerce website is in the works.

You weren't originally a jewelry designer. What made you want to go this route?

Honest answer? It was a God thing. Jewelry design was a path I found myself on rather than something I set out to do. I studied Fashion Design at UT and made all of the jewelry for my senior collection - totally self taught.

I loved the instant gratification of jewelry that clothing design didn't offer. It was an impatient perfectionist's dream. I continued making jewelry after I graduated, participated in local events, and ended up winning Accessory Designer of the Year in Austin. I could not be happier.

What kind of woman do you see wearing this collection?

The woman wearing J.Bird is confident, wants to feel special and appreciates a little luxury. She wants to be noticed whether she knows it or not. J.Bird is far from inconspicuous and so is she.

What collections do you have available at the moment for SS13?

Soloist is a line that will continue and remain relatively consistent throughout the seasons. It is timeless. SS13 has a lot of crystal and galaxy druzy, some amethyst, citrine, coral and sharks teeth.

Statement pieces vary from season to season - the pieces are always current. I am using a lot of magnesite spikes and amazing vintage gold beads. It channels kind of a rock-and-roll, Native American vibe, yet is effortlessly versatile.

I also came across some vintage 1970s Chanel pendants that are making an appearance this season and next.

Catch this designer's current collection as all of the pieces and the brand are up and coming to the fashion scene in Texas.

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