Traffic Tip: Move over, slow down when emergency vehicle passes

By David Brogger
April 21, 2013 at 9:05 p.m.
Updated April 20, 2013 at 11:21 p.m.

This week's traffic tip is in regards to the Texas Transportation Code 545.157, Passing Authorized Emergency Vehicle.

I know this portion of the Texas Transportation Code has been covered before, but I thought I would revisit it as a reminder.

Numerous times while either working crashes or on traffic stops, I see vehicles not abiding by this law.

I've also been told by tow truck drivers that people do not seem to abide by the law regarding this.

An emergency vehicle could be a police car, sheriff's car, fire truck, ambulance or tow truck. Any time you see one of these on the side of the road with the emergency lights activated, you should:

  1. Move over, leaving the lane closest to the emergency vehicle vacant (if possible).
  2. Slow down. The law actually states that if you cannot move over one lane, you should slow to at least 20 mph less than the posted speed limit (if the posted speed limit is 25 mph or more; if the speed limit is less than 25 mph, you must slow down to 5 mph).

The Victoria Police Department Traffic Safety Unit invites citizens to inform us of any traffic issues that you observe. The easiest way to do this is go to our website,, then go to the VPD Customer Service Request tab in the center of the page and follow the directions.

If you have a traffic law question, contact Senior Police Officer David Brogger, Victoria Police Department Traffic Safety Unit, at 361-485-3700.



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