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April 27, 2013 at 7:05 p.m.
Updated April 27, 2013 at 11:28 p.m.

Calhoun County


City Council: District 4, Greg Falcon, Port Lavaca, incumbent; Rosie Padron, Port Lavaca. District 5, Jim Ward, Port Lavaca, incumbent; Aristeo Partida, Port Lavaca.

Calhoun County school board: District 3, Bill Harvey, unopposed. At-large, one to be elected, Linda Bonar, 61, insurance office employee, Port O'Connor, incumbent; Cheri Whatley, 48, travel manager, Port Lavaca; John Kurtz, 20, marine employee; Mark Howell, 52, engineer, Port Lavaca.


City Council: At-large, three to be elected, Jack LaBarge, retired, Seadrift, incumbent; Wesley Hunt, carpenter, Seadrift, incumbent; Johnny Mikolas, site manager, Seadrift, incumbent; Mary Anthony, Seadrift; Trinity Christensen, self-employed; June Cantrell, Methodist pastor

DeWitt County


City Council: District 1, John Fuqua, incumbent, 64, sales representative. District 4, Roy Johnson, incumbent, 73, retired. At-large, two to be elected, W.T. "Tony" Allen, incumbent, 67, retired; Bill Matthys, incumbent, 66, paralegal; David Ruiz, 60, self-employed.


School board: At-large, three to be elected, Jerry Steves, 62, incumbent, retired; Barry M. Watson, 49, chief financial officer; Sarah Hahn, 33, business owner; Patti Harbers, 60, retired; Carole Mueller, 66, substitute driver; Todd Metting, 48, contractor.

Special ballot issue: Chapter 41 to approve options to equalize school district's wealth.

Goliad County

City Council: At-large, three to be elected, Buddy Zavesky, 65, Goliad, incumbent, funeral director; Lionel Garcia, 55, Goliad, incumbent, self-employed; Vicki Rubio, 39, Goliad, incumbent, assistant manager; Roney Powell, 68, Goliad, retired; Patricia "Liz" Garcia Holsey, 63, Goliad, retired teacher; Eric Lee Garza, 30, Goliad, driver.

Goliad school board: District 6, Richard A. (Dick) Mollicone, 78, Goliad, incumbent, engineering manager; Michelle Reitz, 38, Goliad, manager.

Jackson County

Special Election: Emergency Services District No. 3, proposed new taxing entity to fund Fire and EMS.


City Council: At-large, three to be elected, Carl Russelburg, 53, retired, Ganado; Calvin Callies, 50, incumbent, warehouseman, Ganado; Robin Bauerle, 80, incumbent, retired, Ganado; Blake Petrash, 28, incumbent, office manager, Ganado.

Lavaca County


City Council: Mayor, Warren Grindeland, 63, incumbent, contractor; Nancy Braus, 66, retired. Place 2, Gene Chandler, 69, incumbent, general manager of oil-field company; Richard (Bugzy) Neilson, 69, retired. Place 5, Cindy Renken, 55, incumbent, insurance agent.

School board: Place 4, Kyle Taylor, 51, sales; Kevin Myers, 42, facilities director; Herbert C. Beyer Jr., 58, pastor. Place 5, Paul Cook, 66, incumbent, rancher. Special election to fill unexpired term Place 6, Robert Lundy, 42, Hallettsville, financial adviser; Audrey Vaclavik Barrera, 44, homemaker.


City Council: Mayor, Ervin Patek, 67, incumbent, mail carrier. Place 1, Lester Hohensee, 76, incumbent, auditor; Diane Rothbauer, 49, office manager. Place 2, Minnie Lee Fisbeck, 80, incumbent, retired; Travis Hill, 51, attorney; Jeremy Buehring, 32, carpenter.


School board: Place 3, Dan Stafford, 48, incumbent, veterinarian. Place 5, Max F. Moore III, 38, technician; Rusty Mills, 47, incumbent, unemployed. Place 6, Tim Kalich, 48, incumbent, engineer tech.

Refugio County


City Council: Mayor, Ray Jaso, 74, retired, incumbent; Joey Heard, 55, ranch hand; Ron Nelson, 60, retired. Alderman Place 1, Karen A. Watts, 58, dental assistant, incumbent; unopposed. Alderman Place 2, Richard Ramirez, 63, owner and operator; Wanda H. Dukes, 64, retired; Manny Govella, 60, cook; Michael Rocha, 50, part time at the post office.

School board: District 1, Eugene "Bull" Lewis, 63, incumbent, retired; Lisa R. Varela, 45, deputy clerk at Refugio County courthouse. District 5, Edith Collins, 64, retired, incumbent; Laura Ann Ramirez, 30, municipal court clerk for the city of Refugio.


City Council: Mayor, George Hernandez Sr., 64, jail administrator, incumbent; Larry Jochetz, 34, agriculture sales. Place 1, Ralph Cisneros, 69, roadhand; Julian Garcia, 67, retired; Jason "Nappy" Andrade, 27, corrections; Jeanette Chandler, 69, homemaker, incumbent. Place 2, Debra Bolcik, 56, incumbent, beautician.

School board: Place 6, Tim Moses, 41, manager, incumbent; Brian Hicks, 44, safety manager.

Place 7, Robbie Blaschke, 36, sales manager.




City Council: At-Large, three elected, Mitchal McBride, Troy Baxter, Linda Brush.



City Council: Mayor, Rene Hernandez, incumbent; At-large, two elected, Jerry Alvarez, incumbent, Shawna Lamprecht.


City Council: Place 1, Tim Faulkner. Place 2, Tim McCoy. Place 3, Annie Rodriguez. All are incumbents.School board: At-large, Brian Schoenemann, incumbent.Yoakum Hospital District: At-large, two elected, Roger L. Lee, Gery B. Maneth. Both are incumbents. Special election to fill unexpired term of Jim Witte: Linda Schmidt.


City Council: Mayor, Katherine Payne. At-large, two elected, Roberta Hale, Larry Baucum. All are incumbents.School board: At-large, two elected, Lynette Metting, Paul Baumann. Both are incumbents.


School board: District 1, B.J. Drehr. District 2, Gerard Gonzales. Both are incumbents.

DeWitt Medical District: At-large, two elected, Charles Papacek, Richard Weber. Both are incumbents.


Goliad school board: District 3: Brandon Huber, incumbent.



City of Edna: No election planned.

School board: District 6, John C. Morrow. District 3, Patrick Brzozowski. Both are incumbents.


School board: Position 1, Donnie Tegler. Position 2, Pierce Thedford.

Industrial school board: At-large, two elected, Lee Lewis, Delano Kinsfather.

Jackson Hospital District:

No election planned this year.



City Council: Mayor, Fred Henry Hilscher; At-large, two elected, David Schroeder; Mark (Jake) Jalufka. All are incumbents.


School board: Place 1, Sheryl Zimmerman. Place 2, Gernadette Geissen. Place 3, Stephanie Fojtik.



School board: District 3, Jorge A. Jaso.


School board: Place 3, Wade Ruddock. Place 4, Josephina Farias. Place 5, Greg Duenez. All are incumbents.


City Council: District 1, Karen Clark. District 4, Angela Waller. District 5, Orville Downs.

Refugio Hospital District: No election planned this year.



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