Years ago for Sunday, Aug 04, 2013

Aug. 1, 2013 at 3:01 a.m.


Aug. 5 - On yesterday evening a very peculiar phenomenon took place in the McFaddin farm near Mariana. A gust of wind took off the cap of the new silo just completed by A.M. McFaddin. It then blew the silo down. A smaller silo nearby was tilted and almost toppled over. A peculiar incident is the fact that Mr. McFaddin was in his automobile within 100 feet of the big silo and the wind was hardly perceptible.

Aug. 8 - It is not at all necessary to seek sequestered nooks in the mountains of Colorado in order to have a fine outing. Just get any one of the following party to tell you where to go. For 11 days the following party of young folks selected a delightful retreat on the Guadalupe for an outing. They hunted, fished and enjoyed every moment of their time. They caught 200 pounds of fish, and killed many squirrels. The party consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wheeler, Mrs. A.W. Carpenter, Miss Viva Carpenter, Miss Ethel Williams, Miss Leila Whitehead, Arthur, Jeff and Roland Wheeler, Fred Schneider, Jesse Kern, Kia and Paul Leffland. They were a happy group when they returned home and showed they had a fine time. As proof, they brought back a fish weighing 19 pounds.

Aug. 9 - With the advent of the completion of the Welder building, a new epoch will dawn upon Victoria. This big event will mark the transition of the town to a city. Many changes are being planned in almost every department of business. These will make many new departures from the old established order of things. In the various professions, there are likely to be as many changes as in other lines of endeavor. It is asserted that every office in the Welder building is already let.


Aug. 4 - George H. French, publisher of The Advocate, who Wednesday celebrated his 50th anniversary in the printing business, is grateful to his friends who remembered him on the occasion and takes this means of extending his deep gratitude to those who sent flowers, telegrams, letters and called in person.

Aug. 6 - Because of the deplorable condition of the Victoria County Jail, considered unsafe even for the ordinary run of prisoners, and due to the fact that Bexar County court convenes before the court here, the two bandits who hijacked a Victoria filling station late Thursday night will remain in San Antonio, where they were arrested Friday morning, according to Sheriff R.A. Rogan.


Aug. 7 - Members of the Victoria Chapter, Order of DeMolays, have been holding their own cleanup campaign in a civic project to keep roadsides clean. Those participating in the program today are Edward Angerstein, master councilor, Donald Angerstein, Doug Brauer, Mike Green, Mike Kandis, Larry Lack, Robert McKinney, Richard Morgan, James Reinhardt and Doug Winters.

Aug. 10 - Diane Abernathy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Abernathy, will attend Gen. Waggoner Carr's first annual Youth Conference in Austin Aug. 17-18. Also invited from Victoria was Margaret Yeary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Yeary, but she said Friday she will not be able to attend. Both girls were delegates earlier this summer to Bluebonnet Girls State, Miss Abernathy representing Victoria High School and Miss Yeary representing Nazareth Academy. Designed to combat youth crime by creating informed community youth leaders, the conference will concentrate on law enforcement, public awareness, community service, spare-time and recreation, employment programs to combat school drop-outs, school administration and delinquency.


Aug. 4 - A regional 911 emergency system is expected to be operational in the Golden Crescent by September 1995.

Plans are being formulated to create a regional 911 emergency system for the seven-county region. On Wednesday representatives of most counties in the region plus representatives of area telephone companies were on hand to learn more about the plan.

Mary Boyd, 911 expert with the Texas Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations, presented the keynote address in which she outlined the legislative measures creating the system, equipment available and the cost per customer. Prior to joining the state office, she had worked with both the Austin and Houston 911 emergency systems.

The 70th State Legislature last year passed House Bill 911 making it mandatory for all counties with a population of 120,000 or more to have a 911 system. It also said that cities or counties with less than 120,000 population could participate under the bill if a resolution of support was passed by its governing body.

Aug. 6 - Frank H. Crain Jr. announced Friday he is resigning as judge of the 135th District Court effective Aug. 15 and will become "of counsel" with the law firm of Cole, McManus, Cole, Easley and Bell.

Crain, 67, did not seek re-election in the May Democratic Primary.

The judge was appointed to the district court bench July 8, 1959 by Gov. Price Daniel and was unopposed for election in 1960. He is currently in his seventh term which would expire Dec. 31.

Jim Cole, a member of the law firm Crain is joining, said his 29 years of judicial experience "will be a tremendous asset."

It is expected that Gov. Bill Clements will appoint Marion M. Lewis to fill the judicial vacancy.



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