Oceans For Emotions: Follow Jesus and learn from his teachings

By Elaine Wheat
Aug. 2, 2013 at 3:02 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

"Jesus saith unto him, 'I am the way, the truth and the life.'"

- John 14: 6

A young man I recognized because I have fished next to him before casually said to me, "You can't step on those rocks, 'Fish Hat Lady,' to get to the water because those rocks are very slippery." I asked, "What grade are you in?" He replied proudly, "I'm going to be a sophomore."

Because I am an old teacher, I thought of the teacher's saying: "You can always tell a sophomore, you just can't tell them much."

I assured him that at 77 years, I was old enough to know more than a sophomore, and I knew how to walk on slippery rocks. To prove this, I saw my "bass fish-decorated tennis shoes with leather strings" step beautifully onto the rocks, and I smiled back at him, waiting to see his envy.

I then stepped on the next green rock that was sticking up out of the water waiting for me, and I knew that I had done it wrong when the next thing I saw was my fish hat hit the water and my fish shoes point upward toward the sky.

I didn't look back at him because I knew he would be snickering. I just looked at my body to see if any parts had fallen off, and I thought as I sat there on that rock that I was just wise enough to do it wrong.

My teenage friend had put down his pole and was leaning over me to give me a hand up to pull me back onto the sandy shore.

As he helped me back to my car where my Band-Aids were stored, I heard him mumble, "You can't step on slippery rocks." All I could say was, "Thanks for teaching me that today."

Dear Lord, not following Your way is as dumb as trying to walk on slippery rocks. Your way is right, and all we have to do is follow it.



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