Shiner school district meets statewide standards


Aug. 8, 2013 at 3:08 a.m.

Every year is a new start, and a district should always strive to improve, Shiner school district Superintendent Trey Lawrence said.

"If you aren't moving, you're falling behind," he said.

And it's that mindset that is partly to thank for the district's most recent standings.

The Shiner school district met statewide standards, according to Texas Education Agency accountability results released Thursday.

Lawrence said the district's most recent updates include departmentalizing some areas at the elementary school level and, in order to improve in history and science, placing new people at the high school level.

Such improvements aren't the only key to success, however. He said people make a big difference.

"We have an outstanding faculty that takes the job very, very seriously - great administrators and good kids," Lawrence said. "I've seen teachers almost have a nervous breakdown leading to testing because they just want their students to do well."

Accountability standards can make things frustrating, he said. Once people finally understand the system and the formulas used to determine ranks, it's bound to change the next year.

Regardless, he said he's pleased with this year's showing and ready for the months ahead.

"We're getting ready for the new year to start," Lawrence said. "I just wish we could get a little rain."



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