Tie at top of Rolling Thunder in final week

Aug. 14, 2013 at 3:14 a.m.

It was a close race for the weekly high series with two bowlers posting a 691 series.

With one week to go in the summer Rolling Thunder League, Miles Michalec stepped up his game to tie for the top spot.

He almost reached perfection in the first game of competition with an 8-pin spare in the fourth frame, the only blemish in an 11 strike game to end with a 278.

Michalec added games of 218 and 195 for his 691 set.

All the practice in the Wednesday Night No-Tap Tournament must be paying off for Michalec.

Gary Hatter Jr. is still bowling strong during Summer Sunday Strikers action to post a big series that matched Michalec.

He rolled games of 217, 255, and 219 for his 691 total.

Mike Osterson rolled the third high set with a 242 high game complementing a 671 total.

Great individual games were bowled by Kim Blake 266, Shawn Miller 259, and Jacob Walker 249.

Joanna McNary out paced Olivia Jackson during Rolling Thunder play to claim the women's high series.

McNary rolled games of 192, 182, and a great finishing 254 to total 628 for her series.

Jackson rolled a 214 high game, which helped toward a 617 set.

Samantha Wharton rolled a nice 589 for the third high series.

I was remiss by forgetting to mention the passing of Mark Yeager, who died two weeks ago at the age of 31.

Yeager bowled in the local youth leagues and continued bowling in the adult leagues.

I extend my sympathy and condolences to his family.

The final prize list for the USBC Open Tournament that was held in Reno, from late February to early July, has been mailed to the team captains.

In the regular division, There were 8,085 team entries with 2,021 paid places, low to cash (LC) was, 2,731; Doubles: 19,927 entries, 5,738 paid places, LC, 1,079; Singles: 40,356 entries, 11,641 paid entries, LC 558; All-Events 39,147 entries, 4,940 paid places, 1,748 LC.

In the Classified Division (average 180 and lower) Team: 2,340 entries, 939 paid places, 2,319 LC, Doubles: 6,465 entries, 2,159 paid places, 934 LC, Singles: 12,400 entries, 4,146 paid places, 469 LC, All Events 11,529 entries, 1,453 paid places, 1,482 LC.

Based on the number of entries, there were 52,756 participants in both singles events and 52,125 bowlers participating in the team events.

The majority of the bowlers are from the United States but Canada, Mexico, and other countries were also represented. As long as a bowler has a USBC membership card, they are eligible to bowl in this great tournament.

The PBA Tour's current 2012-13 season, will conclude with the World Series of Bowling V, being competed in the Sourth Point Casino, Hotel and Bowling Center in Las Vegas. The matches will be taped October 25 thru November 5, and will air on ESPN in December. The current season will then conclude with four international events.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Women: B. Ivicic 220-531; J. Walker 513; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 255-691; M. Osterson 242-671; C. Bigham 618; Josh Walker 244-612; J. Holbert 591; M. Michalec 590; E. Smith 574; J. Walker 249-569; A. Walyuchow 561; J. Cass 553; TROTTERS 1ST 5 PIN-UPS Women: B. Long 433; K. Wishert 423; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST HOT STUFF Women: J. McNary 254-628; O. Jackson 214-617; S. Wharton 211-589; M. Bonuz 559; R. Martinez 212-540' Men: M. Michalec 278-691; S. Miller 259-639; C. Hoff 224-629; K. Blake 266-623; V. Thomas 598; E. Smith 228-593; W. Reyna 590; T. Bennett 242-581; J. Bryant 580; G. Hatter Jr. 577; R. Vasquez 577; M. Rodriguez 573; J. Cass 572; S. Brinegar 233-570; M. Osterson 567; R. Rendon 563; C. Martinka 559; M. Hernandez 554; D. Kern 550; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) 1st NO CLUE Women: B. Koebrick 297-699; Men: B. Mowles 257-739; B. Hartman 277-736; S. Gritta 695; F. Torres 682; B. Fisseler 657.



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