Midday Mafia: Family Table brings out best in Mafia family

Aug. 14, 2013 at 3:14 a.m.

Editor's note: The Midday Mafia is made up of five locals who wish to remain anonymous at the moment. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and are as follows: The Don, Two Taps, Walnuts, Jack the Knife and Jimmy Three Cheese. The Midday Mafia will run every other Thursday in Get Out.

Last Friday was a special day for the boys. We elected to allow not only a guest, but a female to dine among us. Fitting that, we went to the Family Table across the river on Moody Street for this experience as we embraced our Victoria Advocate family.

Family Table is a buffet restaurant that specializes in home-style comfort food, soul food, great food and rotates its menu by the day. I have never bothered to remember which day is which because I like surprises and have never had a bad offering in the place.

There are constants such as fried chicken and gizzards served every day, but I have had roast, fried fish, enchiladas, chicken and dumplings and pork chops as well.

They serve greens, green beans, potato salad, pintos, cabbage, mashed potatoes, corn, etc. and all are outstanding. The side dishes remind you this is home cooking unlike any we have shared in Victoria.

The service is awesome, and your glass is kept full while another asks which dessert they can leave at your table. My favorite is the banana pudding, and that's what most got from our group.

Double Taps usually passes on dessert in an effort to rub in the fact he is thin and fit. We don't really like him all that much and get the last laugh because Family Table is not on anybody's diet plan unless the shape you seek is round. That said, moderation is your friend, and one trip through the line will meet your needs.

Back to our guest - she is young, attractive, polite, kind, brilliant and works for the Advocate. She also told me to put those comments in print.

Actually, she said, "Write what you want; I will edit it later," which is what happens here every two weeks anyway. Glad she could join us and look forward to the day when the paper picks up the tab.

Maybe if we got more "likes" on Facebook that could happen. Help us out, and until next time, fuhget about it.

Know another area eatery for the Mafia to hit? Email them at middaymafia@gmail.com. Oh, and like them on Facebook, too, facebook.com/pages/Midday-Mafia.



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