Get a glimpse of Rob Schneider at the Golden Gecko

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

Aug. 14, 2013 at 3:14 a.m.

It's hard for Rob Schneider not to be the funny guy.

So you can expect that same funny guy front and center at the Golden Gecko this Friday and Saturday for four shows.

He's most known for his roles in more than 60 movies and his start as a comedian on "Saturday Night Live" in the early 90s. Now, more than 20 years later, he's taking a little more time for himself.

Schneider is the proud father of a 9-month-old baby girl, Miranda Scarlett, who he says is taking up a lot of his free time and sleep.

"She's finally on a normal sleep schedule," he said with a sound of relief. "But sometimes, I still act like I'm asleep so her mom has to check on her."

But four days out of the week, the comedian spends his time on the road touring the globe, doing shows and making people laugh. He's been all over the U.S. and to India and Australia.

Sprinkled in there, he's working on a script for a Spanish movie with his wife, Patricia, and gearing up for another TV show that is going to focus on his real life.

"It's called, 'Real Rob.' Unlike the other one that was fake Rob, it'll be more about my real life."

He says his stand-up comedy is the same way - it's about his life. Schneider doesn't revive any of his characters from "SNL" on stage, and he doesn't re-enact characters from movies either.

He keeps his show about his real life and talks about what it's like being a dad again and things that happen between him and his wife, he said. There are a lot of diapers and crying, but it's stuff that other people can relate to, he said.

While he wasn't in the sequel to "Grown Ups," he did say he didn't miss being on the set. Spending time with his family is on the top of his list since Miranda was born.

Also on that list is breaking out of the funny guy mold. Often typecast as the funny guy in movies, he said he wouldn't mind taking on another role. He directed a film, which he also starred in, called "The Chosen One."

"I want to do different stuff," he said. "Just like you - do you wanna eat the same kind of food every day? You wanna mix it up."

He said he didn't have any particular genres in mind, but he did say that he would like to do a dramatic movie with a good cast.

But back on the road for his comedy shows, he admitted that his guilty pleasure isn't so much one he feels guilty about. He's an advocate of healthy eating and sustainable farming; he'll probably hit Victoria's Organic Emporium.

"I go to all the local health food stores and try to avoid all the big chains," he said. "I like to go there and get a good, healthy bad cookie."

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