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Leading the Flyers new offense (VIDEO)

By Taylor Mitchell
Aug. 17, 2013 at 3:17 a.m.

St. Joseph High School runningback Barclay Proctor dodges around opposing players during a scrimmage against Bloomington High School at the Field of Dreams sports complex in Victoria.

Like most football teams, St. Joseph held an election for its player captains.

Senior running back Barclay Proctor was one of the elected captains for the upcoming season, and it was clear how much his teammates respect him.

"I don't remember the exact total, but he was way up there," Flyers coach Kevin Auten said.

For Proctor, being elected a captain is an honor, one he embraces.

"That shows me that my teammates respect me," Proctor said. "I like having a sense of ownership over the team, and I like to be able to lead my team into battle."

Proctor won't just be simply leading the Flyers into battle. He'll be the one in front wielding the biggest sword.

The Flyers are implementing a new but old offense - the double wing. Proctor will play a huge role in it.

"We are going to be a power running team," Auten said. "All three of our backs in the backfield are over 200 pounds. Proctor is sitting at 6-foot, 1-inch, 215 pounds and is a powerful runner. He's going to carry the load."

The double wing offense is one of the most widely used offenses in football and is used at almost every level of play. It features no wide receivers but rather three running backs, a quarterback, two tight ends and five linemen. It requires quick linemen and strong, powerful running backs.

St. Joseph has both of those.

"We have smaller, quicker guys up front," Auten said. "We do have some guys with size, but they can get off the ball, and we felt like it would give us an opportunity to be successful."

Proctor is a great example of the running back Auten wants - powerful and strong with surprising speed.

"He's big and strong. When he's in pads, he runs just like he does when he isn't in pads," Auten said. "He doesn't have blazing speed; he's not going to run the 100-meter dash, but he does run the hurdles for us."

There's more to being a captain, though, than excelling on the field. Auten expects his captains to set the example inside the classroom and hold teammates accountable for their actions.

"I expect him to do things right," Auten said. "And make sure everyone is doing their part and nobody is slacking, trying to get out of doing something."

One of those things is the conditioning the Flyers go through, and there is a lot of it since many players will start on offense and defense.

"Coach Auten does a great job of conditioning," Proctor, who will start at outside linebacker on defense, said. "It's tough, but that W at the end of the night is even better."

The conditioning will also help limit the injuries St. Joseph suffers, unlike last year when the team was hit hard by injuries.

"The key is going to be staying healthy," Proctor said. "We don't have a whole lot of guys on varsity, but if we stay healthy, we'll have a good team."

Proctor's running style, however, leads to injuries. But he plans on being smart when running the ball.

"My running style is I kind of run through people," Proctor said. "This year, I'm going to try and not do that because I go both ways."

Just don't expect him to take it easy on defenders.

"I'm still going to lower my helmet and make the defender feel it," he said.



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