Sisters brought so much to community

Aug. 20, 2013 at 3:20 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I am a lifelong member of Our Lady of Sorrows, where I received all my sacraments and expect to receive my final farewell.

In 1943, as a junior at Nazareth Academy, till now, as I approach my 65th year of marriage to my best friend, I have worked closely with the MCHS nuns and have seen the wondrous effect of their work in Victoria and surrounding areas. They have reaffirmed and instilled a deep, abiding love for our faith and church - and for me there is no other - and most importantly, a proud appreciation for our Mexican heritage by teaching the true meaning of the Quince celebration, Las Posadas and other beautiful traditional customs, thereby increasing our self-worth and esteem.

I am sorry that they will no longer be a part of the pastoral team at our parish. Sadly, it's not a question of need as much as simple economics. They leave an abundant legacy of lessons learned. That is faith and love for the sacred hearts of Jesus, Mary and the Holy Eucharist, hope and reassuring strength in God's love and forgiveness, and respect and loyalty for our church, leaders and community.

Connie Ozuna Moralez,Victoria



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