Top 5 Songs in Quentin Tarantino Films

Aug. 21, 2013 at 3:21 a.m.

Top 5 songs in Quentin Tarantino films

1. Urge Overkill - "Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon"

An introspective Neil Diamond cover from "Pulp Fiction" that embellishes the decision of Uma Thurman's character to snort cocaine and John Travolta's character to talk himself out of a risky situation.

2. The Coasters - "Down in Mexico"

From the bar scene in the opening of "Death Proof," this 1956 single encompasses the characters as flirts with a sleazy wild-side.

3. Stealers Wheel - "Stuck in the Middle with You"

Tarantino flexes his signature sense of humor with this bar-hall classic in "Reservoir Dogs." As Mr. Blonde shimmies around the warehouse, his effortless suavity is a perfect punchline to the bloody scene.

4. Bobby Womack - "Across 110th Street"

From the opening credits of "Jackie Brown," the tone is set as Pam Grier travels through the airport in her flight attendant uniform - she's a woman on a mission.

5. The's - "Woo Hoo"

A little Japanese psychobilly from "Kill Bill Vol. 1," Tarantino supposedly was pressured by a Tokyo store clerk to buy the album. The high-energy track sets up the brutal battle scene that ends with bodies and limbs as far as the eye can see.



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