A by-the-numbers look at alcohol consumption

Aug. 24, 2013 at 3:24 a.m.

At the end of a long day or once the weekend finally arrives, many relish the chance to kick back and relax with an adult beverage or two.

Still, everyone goes about it in their own way.

And whether it's a bottle of beer, a tall glass of wine or a favorite mixed drink that tickles your fancy, Gallup has it covered. The polling group recently took a look at alcohol consumption nationwide, offering insight into various trends.

For Melanie Buchhorn, who owns Texas Liquor in Nursery, sales are up across the board for wines, beers and spirits.

She attributed that growth to the ongoing oil boom. Not only are there more people in town to buy the products, she said, but oil activity also means more people have money to spend on such items.

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps going," she said. "But people should still be responsible. You can still have a good time and be safe."

James Munsch, who owns Victoria's Hill Top Beverages, said the beverage of choice for his company seems to be whiskey.

"That's kind of how it's always been for us," he said, noting a majority of his customers tend to be part of the more mature crowd, not necessarily those who recently turned 21. "Whiskey is the stronger seller."

Among the younger generation, however, he said vodka remains big.

Here is a closer look at that Gallup poll:



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