Victoria County needs to stop using Roundup

Aug. 24, 2013 at 3:24 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

My area of residence is about 4 miles north of Victoria. It is exceptionally dry here, having been left out of every rain event in the last two months. Therefore, I breathe easier knowing that the burn ban has been reenacted. Residents on the south and east sides of Victoria would be shocked to see the dry condition of the pasture forage in my area. Tall trees continue to slowly die if not irrigated. We've had three years of inadequate moisture. The animals are suffering.

Making the dryness appear even uglier can be blamed on the county. When the grass was green in May and June, it used Roundup and sprayed large areas, encircling culverts and utility lines, etc. along county roads, even private mailboxes, killing 4 or 5 feet of grass in each targeted area. Very unsightly. It also serves as a grass fire starter.

Consequently, the green grass turned gray-brown and wilted down, exposing large amounts of litter. Now, what an eyesore!

Of greater concern is the Roundup herbicide spilling and seeping into little brooks and creeks. The water is then consumed by ranch animals or critters in the wild, or worse, it seeps into the aquifer.

A recent article in the Victoria Advocate, written by a very knowledgeable nursery owner, gave details of how harmful the product Roundup can be to animals and man alike. Plus, it carries a huge purchase price. So, can we tidy roads in a less expensive, safer and greener manner?

Victoria County needs to go green and let green be green for the short time it is green. We like to see the wildflowers and drink safe water, if allowed.

Shirley F. Oeding, Victoria



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