Adan Davila brings his rhythm and blues back to Port Lavaca

By Adan Davila was a student at Travis Middle School when he started learning how to strum the chords of a guitar. - JRODRIGO@VICAD.COM
Aug. 28, 2013 at 3:28 a.m.

Adan Davila

Adan Davila

By Jessica Rodrigo

"I took lessons, and then come summer, I was locked in my bedroom playing for 12 hours a day," he said.

After three months of practice, he said he was able to play a few songs. In high school, he moved on to play in the guitar in a jazz band and eventually started to hit the music circuit in the Crossroads, playing for tips and gigs at different venues with his dad, Alex, serving as his manager.

"I've been playing for what seems like forever," he said. "I haven't played here in my hometown since 2000."

He's making his return debut at the Port Lavaca Flip Flop Festival from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday.

The musician and songwriter, now 28, said he is glad to have another chance to play in his hometown. A few years back, he was scheduled to take the stage at Flip Flop Festival, but the festival was rained out.

"I'm excited to get back home and play," he said.

He lives and works in Gonzales as a Wal-Mart store manager and in his free time writes songs and performs music with his bandmates.

His second record is set to release this fall and is titled "Snake Charmer."

"The title came to me after a dream," he said. "It might not mean something to my fans, but it means something to me."

During the performance, the group will play songs from both his first and second albums. His songs have a somber feel to them, he said, and describe different times in his life that may not always be sad. He said it's just the way he expresses his music.

"I try to write things personal to me," he said. "But I try to leave room for interpretation. I want people to connect to it on their own."



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