With the start of the

Aug. 28, 2013 at 3:28 a.m.

With the start of the new 2013-14 fall bowling season, two bowlers were ready to start league competition in a big way.

James Holbert led this week's scoring with a great 290 individual game and 727 series bowled during the opening night of the Monday Mixed League.

Holbert, started league play with games of 223 and 214. He then opened the final game by leaving the 4-pin on the first ball, converted the spare and then followed with 11 consecutive strikes to bowl a 290 game.

The big game earned Holbert an 11-in-a-row award from USBC.

Harold Bellanger Jr., was unable to bowl at the scheduled Monday Mixed time, so he pre-bowled and posted a very nice 703 set on games of 242, 208, and 253 for the second high total.

Chance Youngblood came very close to a third 700 series with big games of 259 and 257 contributing towards a 699 total.

Also scoring well was Gary Hatter Jr. with an excellent 691 series.

Miles Michalec rolled a great individual game of 264 during Summer Sunday striker play.

Delores Stroud rolled the high series for the women during Monday Mixed competition with a 199-538.

Beverly Wittenburg and Trudy Wortham posted very nice games of 233 and 227 respectively.

The new season offers bowlers an opportunity to be recognized.

The top-notch bowlers, men and women, can shoot for a top 10 average or the City Championship later in the season. This gives them a chance to generate points towards being inducted into the local bowling hall of fame.

Other league bowlers can look toward the goal of improving on their average or winning money in the city or state tournaments based on handicap. There is always the possibility of being on a winning league championship team.

The game of bowling also gives individuals the opportunity to play in a friendly, competitive environment, where a handicap system can help even the playing field.

Last year the top three averages for the women were Lynda Mikulec 198, Carri Lee 190, and Lori Heil 187. For the men, it was Michael Stacy 225, Steve Zeplin 218, and Dave Matthews 217.

Good luck to all the bowlers this coming season.

WILD TURKEY 1ST (tie) TEAM 3 and THE WHO Women: B. Wittenburg 233-533; T. Wortham 227-518; D. Kohl 203; Men: M. Wortham 604; D. Hill 572; J. Weber 565; SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST (tie) IT'S NOT MY FAULT and TEAM 4 Men: G. Hatter Jr. 243-691; M. Osterson 247-638; E. Smith 245-620; J. Holbert 620; C. Bigham 238-609; J. Cass 226-605; J. Walker 594; M. Michalec 264-594; P. Barron III 229; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) PINBUSTERS and THE PIT CREW D. Stroud 538; A. Lane 510; Men: J. Holbert 290-727; H. Bellanger Jr. 703; C. Youngblood 699; E. Gonzales 605; M. Redding 237-592; R. Martinez 245-592; M. Flores 224-583; W. Reyna 575.



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