City Pulse: You finally have an extra day off - what to do?

JR Ortega By JR Ortega

Aug. 28, 2013 at 3:28 a.m.

It happens once a year, and you often forget it's right around the corner.

Suddenly, you realize it's Labor Day weekend. You've got one more day - a day to do with what you please.

But what do you do?

It's funny when you realize you have one more day off because You think of a millions things you want to do - and could do.

Sometimes, life just won't let you have what you want. You can't always afford to run away for the weekend, but there is plenty to do.

Here are five suggestions I have for how to spend your extra day off.

On the cheap and feeling a bit lazy? Why not take the day to catch up on some home duties you have been meaning to tackle? Sure, it's Labor Day, but if you're anything like me, some order and end-of-season cleaning can feel like a clean slate and be a destressing activity.

The obvious, probably most common choice: take a road trip. Whether you have some money for a jam-packed trip or can only afford to spend a little, there are many things to do, especially in the Crossroads. A $20 tank of gas can get you around. Maybe it's time to visit some historic sites, museums or some foreign (to you) areas you've always been curious about. Most area historic sites are free of charge and well worth the trip.

Let's face it, you probably have a lot of friends, and if your friends are like my friends, each one has a different work schedule. Chances are most of you will have this day off, so why not plan a backyard barbecue since almost everyone can be there? Each person can pitch in, so overall, the activity is cheap. You can go to Riverside Park, the beach or - if you own a house - obviously, the backyard. Also, don't let apartment living get you down. Most apartments allow you to barbecue if you have a patio, and if not, you can always wake up early and claim the pool area as yours.

Do a digital detox. This is something I've done before, and it's quite wonderful. I almost always make it a point to have one vacation day when I rid myself of all electronics. My phone is off, I'm not on my laptop, and I'm not watching TV. I simply read or lay down in bed all day, catching up on some much-needed relaxation. Come on, you've earned it.

Perhaps this is a weird tip, but why not work on Labor Day? Depending on who you work for, some companies allow you to work holidays for time and a half. If you really have nothing to do and would rather take the extra cash, this is always an option.

No matter what you do this Labor Day weekend, be sure to do you.



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