Nekkid Armadilla Summer Fest takes stage in Palacios

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

Aug. 28, 2013 at 3:28 a.m.

Ali Holder and Daniel Thomas Phipps, of Kinfolk, during the 2012 Nekkid Armadilla Summer Fest.

Ali Holder and Daniel Thomas Phipps, of Kinfolk, during the 2012 Nekkid Armadilla Summer Fest.

Don't let the name fool you, the Nekkid Armadilla Summer Fest is an all-day music festival.

Tim Slusher, founder of Nekkid Armadilla, is bringing the event back to Palacios for its second year, but this year, he's got more than just music in his lineup.

"We're involving more of the community to be a part of the Summer Fest," he said. "We're really excited about this year. It's gonna be a lot bigger this year."

The musical lineup was created to bring exposure to bands and musicians that are breaking into the industry, he said. Some of the artists are on the cusp of making it into the mainstream music scene, including Little Brave, who was a featured artist on the show "Troubadour, TX" and has a Top 40 hit on the Alternative Charts in Doha, Qatar; and Nicolette Good, who was recognized as the 2012 Kerrville New Folk and Wildflower Performing Songwriter Contest winner.

"We stick primarily to Texas bands so that people can continue to see them as they tour," Slusher said.

The music will range from Americana-Folk to some alternative music.

Rajolei Pickens, of Victoria, will be opening the show at 2 p.m. and play a 30-minute set of his rhythmic soul music.

The 38-year-old songwriter/musician said it's hard to describe his music, but encourages audience members to clap along and dance to his music.

"Sometimes, it's mellow; sometimes, it's rockin' and bluesy," Pickens said. "I've heard someone say it was de-stressful and goes from slow to high energy."

Pickens plans to perform a mix of his original songs and music and pieces written and played by others.

"I have to get a feel for what the audience is into," he said.

Since Pickens is the first to perform at the Summer Fest, he said he's looking forward to listening to the rest of the lineup. He couldn't say who he was most excited to see, adding that all of the artists will put on a great show.

"I am looking forward to the whole night," he said. "It's something (Slusher) is very passionate about."

Last year, the Summer Fest attracted about 200 people to the Outrigger Grill stage in Palacios, and Slusher hopes to double that count this time around.

"There will be something for all ages," he said.



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