Life At Its Best: Trust in God to fulfill your dreams

By Jim Graff
Aug. 30, 2013 at 3:30 a.m.

Jim Graff

Jim Graff

What would you do for $10 million? I was amazed as I listened to how hundreds of Americans answered this question. Some said they'd sacrifice their American citizenship while others offered to abandon their family or children.

I know. It sounds pretty crazy, doesn't it? But if we're honest, we've all made sacrifices in order to secure material possessions. Sure, they probably weren't our kids, but maybe we sacrificed our dreams.

Maybe we gave up our passion to pursue that career or start that business because we were afraid of the risk it would require. We allowed the desires of our heart to go unfulfilled in order to maintain financial security.

I found myself in this position at 22 years old. I'd just graduated college and, like most college graduates, felt the pressure of finding a secure job with a steady income.

There was just one problem. I had a deep passion for missions. I knew God was calling me to share His message with the world, but I also knew that missions work didn't exactly scream "job security."

To further complicate things, I was offered a job where my brother worked. He said I could live with him, while I worked and pursued a law degree. It sounded perfect (and much safer, I might add) than a job on the mission field.

Still, I knew God had called me to missions, so I reluctantly declined my brother's offer and began pursuing my passion. I didn't know where to start or how to get the resources necessary to travel across the world. But I knew God had called me, so I continued to step out in faith.

At times, it was scary. However, as I continued to trust in and obey Him, He was faithful to provide me with everything I needed to accomplish His plan.

God wants to do that for every one of us. He knows exactly how to bring to pass the dreams He's given us. He has all the resources we need to make it happen. But it won't just happen on its own. It requires us adopting His perspective of our material possessions.

That means that first of all, we must choose to put our trust not in what we have but in whom we belong to. We must recognize God as our source, realizing that He never intended for money to be our security. To Him, it's simply a means of accomplishing what He wants done on the earth.

Then, we must recognize His providence. God is the creator and owner of the entire universe. He's never short on resources. When we're faithful to obey Him, even when it's hard, we can be sure that He'll provide us with everything we need to accomplish His dream for our lives.

What steps of faith does your dream require? I encourage you to take them. Don't let security keep you stuck but rely on God's perspective. Trust His providence and step out in faith today.

Jim Graff is the Senior Pastor of Faith Family Church in Victoria.



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