Victoria City Council to vote on park update

Melissa Crowe By Melissa Crowe

Aug. 30, 2013 at 3:30 a.m.
Updated Sept. 2, 2013 at 4:02 a.m.

The children's park in Riverside Park could see some new updates.

Victoria City Council is expected to vote Tuesday whether to spend $72,000 to make repairs to the sinking children's park pavilion.

When the issue was first raised Aug. 20, Mayor Paul Polasek said the price seemed like "a lot of money just to fix that slab."

"I'm just thinking that maybe there's a cheaper solution," he said at the meeting. "I want to fix it; that's a lot of money."

The project includes removing the concrete slab, which sinks and retains water, and pouring a new one, Parks and Recreation Director Colby VanGundy said.

While he has big plans for the parks system - including looking at team sports, increasing participation with the Guadalupe River paddling trail and developing a comprehensive plan for Riverside Park - this project is simply an update.

"The slab isn't sloped to pull the water off," he said. "If there's a rental and it rains, we'll go squeegee it off," VanGundy said. "It's to fix a problem that has occurred over more than 25 years. There's nothing wrong with the way it was built. It's just settled."

The bid from LNV Inc., of Corpus Christi, came in under the $100,000 project budget, VanGundy said.

The bid is good for 45 days. If the council waits longer than that to decide, the project would need to be rebid.

He said it comes down to what the City Council wants to do with the project.

Councilman Jeff Bauknight asked that the vote be delayed at the Aug. 20 meeting.

With the new parks director still getting situated, Bauknight said, "We wanted to have some time for him to review it and see if that's the best alternative."

As for the price, Bauknight said it was competitively bid.

"I'm sure the bid's in line, but we want to make sure it's the best use for that $72,000 in the parks department," he said.



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