Four sets of 700 highlight weekly bowling

Dec. 4, 2013 at 6:04 a.m.

Eric Smith's first game during the Fall Sunday Strikers League was not very auspicious.

After starting the first frame with a strike, he had four nine pin counts and two misses through the first eight frames. He finally was able to get a turkey in the ninth and 10th frames to finish with a 189 game.

The final two games he must have found a line on the lanes to carry strikes, as he blasted the pins for games of 258 and 268 to total 715 for the night and the high weekly honors.

Chris Kurtz posted the second high total with games of 258, 227, and 227 for a 712.

Tom Crowe was next with a great 267 high game contributing toward a 711 set.

Joe Talbott, in his second year of bowling after coming back from a seven-year absence, was on target with a 258 high game on his way to the fourth 700 series for the week with a 708.

Other scores of note for the men were Mike Stacy (697-650), Harold Bellanger Jr. (246-685), Steve Zeplion (681), Todd Pfuhl (676), Miles Michalec (247-668), Bobby Mowles (665), Russell Mason (661), Randy Vivero (258-653), Mike Osterson (648), Larry Hall (266) and Kenny Schupbach (259).

Christine Speer had the weekly high total for the women with a 213 high game contributing toward a 592 set in the Sugar & Spice League

With the Thanksgiving holiday, four leagues did not compete last week.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Pedro Alva (Red River) and Chris Kurtz (Sugar & Spice) for the men with a 751 tie and Carol Goode 689 (Over The Hill) for the women.

Pro Notes

The PBA World Series of Bowling first televised show was broadcast last Sunday with a couple of exciting matches.

The first match between third-seed Wes Mallot and fourth-seed Clara Guerrero went down to the final frame, with Malott striking the ninth and 10th frames to finish with a 214 game.

Guerrero, with a strike in the ninth, needed to strike the first ball in the 10th but a 10 pin stopped her chance for her first PBA title.

In the second match Malott and Pete Webber both had strikes through the first six frames before Weber left a 10 pin the seventh and spared.

Weber proceeded to leave the greek church split (4-7 6-9-10) in the eighth frame to hurt his chance to put pressure on his opponent.

Malott continued striking through for the first 10 strikes before a 10 pin stopped his bid for a perfect game and a $10,000 bonus - Malott 288, Webber 242.

The final match was anti-climatic with Malott defeating top seed Parker Bohn III 243-169. Bohnn III had three splits and a washout in the game.

Next Sunday at noon the PBA Viper Championship will be telecast with Ryan Ciminlle (New York) as the top seed, Chris Barnes the second seed (Texas), Stuart Williams the third seed (England) and Jason Belmonte as the fourth seed (Australia).

The Viper pattern is 39 feet in length, and for the WSOB and the PBA World Championship, a blue dye is added to the dressing so that viewers can see how the ball moves oil in the pattern.

FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: E. Smith 268-715; G. Hatter Jr. 622; A. Whitehead 610; C. Bigham 565; C.J. Bigham 553; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: N. Smith 204-560; P. Janak 495; Men: A. Garcia 227-638; J. Figueroa 203-587; E. Stevens Jr. 225-584; S. Gritta 557; M. Smith 515; B. Alex 512; T. Lewis 508; C. Maldonado 506; D. Persilver 506; MONDAY MIXED 1ST COBRA KAI Women: J. Lane 209-561; D. Stroud 215-551; R. Martinez 216-528; Men: J. Talbott 258-708; H. Bellanger Jr. 246-685; B.J. Rubio 244-631; D. Dye 235-630; M. Flores 564; J. Walden 564; D. Padgett 556; J. Holbert 554; RED RIVER 1ST (tie) ALTERNATOR/STARTER and MFP Men: T. Pfuhl 243-676; M. Michalec 247-668; M. Stacy 236-650; K. Schupbach 259-634; T. Williams 240-634; J. Molina 631; R. Kalmus 232-629; K. Rosales 224-618; S. Zeplin 246-607; C. Kurtz 606; D. Marques 603; D. Flores 602; R. Vivero 598; V. Thomas 594; J. Matson 593; J. Tweedle 592; A. Garcia 237-587; D. Matthews 586; M. Pahmiyer 232-584; T. Rutherford 579; C. Hoff 578; P. Alva 571; T. Crowe 565; M. Osterson 560; J. Figueroa 556; J. Silgero 247-553; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: C. Speer 213-592; B. Koebrick 563; O. Jackson 214-561; C. Lee 214-559; J. Reyna 21-540; D. Drake 538; S. Guinn 535; T. Wortham 531; J. McNary 208-520; D. Stroud 519; Men: C. Kurtz 258-712; T. Crowe 267-711; M. Stacy 247-697; S. Zeplin 234-681; B. Mowles 232-665; R. Mason 237-661; R. Vivero 258-653; M. Osterson 648; J. Tweedle 244-632; T.J. Mooney 626; L. Hall 266-623; K. Schupbach 230-622; M. Hernandez 236-617; K. Stacy 615; J. Silgero 604; S. Gritta 595; S. Kocian 244-589; L. Stroud 225-588; R. Fisseler 588; M. Almendarez 226-587; J. Cano 586; R. Estrada 579; S. Dickinson 575; D. Flores 229-573; D. Persilver 571; M. Svatek 570; H. Johnson 567; T. Blake 565; T. Bennett 561; W. Lorance 551.



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