Parents should not be suing day care center

Dec. 5, 2013 at 6:05 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Milking the system - that lawsuit regarding the three families suing a Victoria day care center is nonsense. As a hardworking mother of five, I try to be observant of my children every day. I go through their bags - inside and out - every day, and I examine their little bodies for any marks or bruises. I make sure they eat well while they are with me.

If those families were unsatisfied with the center's services, they have the right to leave. We all have choices; parents need to take responsibility for their children.

If that 4-year-old boy was traumatized for having his food thrown away because he was not eating fast enough, I bet he eats faster now. Those parents should work in a day care for a week just to see how you will never satisfy all the parents and children.

Child care work is very stressful. I stress out with my own children - let alone handling other people's children. With their moaning, crying, fighting, sniffing, etc.

My advice to parents who are looking for the perfect day care? Stay home and take care of your own kid.

Rocio Vasquez, Refugio



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