Officials messed up, should not be elected

Dec. 10, 2013 at 6:10 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Reading a recent article in the Advocate about a fatal wreck, this story could be about anyone who has or has had a father and mother. We as Victoria citizens should take a close look at the district attorney's office.

Stephen Tyler and Eli Garza are running for re-election and becoming a judge, respectively. Tyler has not made any progress concerning misconduct by certain City Council members.

Eli Garza said if Tyler had forced him to take this case to trial, he would have resigned. Did Mr. Garza make this statement knowing full well it would not come to fruition? Mr. Tyler missed an opportunity for Eli Garza to prove he is a "man of his word." This certainly would have added an element of honesty to his campaign for judge.

Victorians, both of the men seem to have lost sight of the fact that they work for us, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer. In my opinion, trustworthiness and honesty have not been put up front concerning this case.

Stephen Tyler, I helped put you in office.

Eli Garza, I do not think you could handle being a judge.

I vote no, no, no concerning both of these candidates.

Please vote when these names appear on the ballot. Voting sends a powerful message.

S.G. Stewart, Victoria



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