Stacy, Molina, Guinn lead the way

Dec. 11, 2013 at 6:11 a.m.

Mike Stacy and Jerry Molina were the only two bowlers to break the 700 mark this past week while competing in the Red River League.

Sharon Guinn bowled an exceptional series last Thursday night to lead the women's scoring.

Stacy set the tone by opening league play with the first eight strikes before a nine-pin spare stopped his string. He struck out in the 10th frame for an excellent 279 game and then added games of 192 and 238 for a 710 series.

Molina also started out strong with a 258 game and then posted games of 246 and 201 for a 705 set.

Guinn went over the 650 mark with consistent games of 226, 236, and 204 to total 666 in Sundowner League play.

Other scores of note for the men were T.J. Mooney (697), Mike Osterson (680), Joey Matson (675), Steve Dickinson (247-672), Eric Smith (664), Bobby Mowles (654), Kyle Stasny (653), Abel Garcia (651), Dandy Richards (257-650), Dave Matthews (246-650), Kevin Rosales (268), Pedro Alva (255), Rick Kalmus (255), Alex Williams (254), Willie Reyna (252), and Grant Goforth 250).

For the women Caroly Danesi rolled a great 262 individual game to help toward a 616 in Sundowner action.

Gayle Boyd was the third bowler to pass the 600 mark with a 237 high game contributing toward a 605 total.

Other scores for the women were Trudy Wortham (587), Ida Caballero (578), and Marci Rojas (233).

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week are Carolyn Danesi, 736, (Sundowner) and Todd Pfuhl, 736, (Red River).

Two longtime Victoria bowlers have been forced to sit out from the game they love for a while.

Felix Rivera is recuperating from a recent heart valve replacement surgery and is doing great in his recovery. He is taking it easy with rehab at home and is patiently waiting for the healing process to end.

Lee Caballero will have surgery on his right ankle on Dec. 27 to repair a torn cartilage and remove bone spurs. Lee has had problems with his right wrist also which has limited his bowling activity.

We want to wish them well and a speedy recovery.

Entry forms are still available for the Century Lanes "New Year's Eve No-Tap" Tournament.

The entry fee is $60 per couple and includes bowling, prize fund, a banquet meal and champagne at midnight.

Contact Century Lanes at 361-576-1166 for more information.

Pro Notes

The second week of WSOB competition was broadcast last Sunday with the PBA Viper Championship being contested.

In the first step-ladder game England's Stuart Williams defeated Australia's Jason Belmonte 203-194. Belmonte could generate only one double in the game after leaving a 2-8-10 split.

The second match saw Chris Barnes come from behind by striking out in the ninth and 10th frames to defeat Williams 200-171.

In the championship game, Barnes fell behind top seed Ryan Ciminelli in the second frame when he left the greek church split

With a light pocket hit, the left-handed Ciminelli had the bad luck to leave the 7-10 split in the 10th frame. He almost picked up the spare with the 7-pin bouncing out of the back cushion to land in front of the 10 pin.

With a strike in the ninth frame, Barnes needed to strike the first ball in the 10th frame and he came through again by striking out to win 230-212.

This was Barnes 16th PBA title.

The PBA Chameleon Championship will be broadcast Sunday at noon on ESPN with the top seed being Dom Barrett from England.

Local Results

TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST SPARE ME Women: J. Sims 201-510; FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: A. Whitehead 236-638; A. Williams 254-635; M. Osterson 226-598; E. Smith 549; OVER THE HILL 1ST ANOTHER ROUND Women: R. Roemer 518; Men: A. Garcia 223-651; J. Figueroa 234-641; J. Simmons 598; A. Hempel 223-586; E. Stevens Jr. 567; M. Almendarez 555; S. Gritta 211-549; E. Lopez 210-545; R. Estrada 215-539; C. Maldonado 514; MONDAY MIXED 1ST COBRA KAI Women: R. Martinez 534; Men: B. Mowles 234-654; M. Redding 586; B. Hartman 230-583; R. Vasquez 242-577; D. Padgett 566; D. Loya 565; J. Holbert 558; J. Vasquez 244-556; RED RIVER 1ST (tie) ALTERNATOR/STARTER and MFP Men: M. Stacy 279-710; J. Molina 258-705; J. Matson 233-675; D. Matthews 246-650; D. Richards 257-650; T. Pfuhl 640; R. Kalmus 255-636; A. Garcia 634; T. Williams 246-629; K. Schupbach 628; K. Rosales 616; B. Marques 234-613; S. Zeplin 610; D. Blohm 604; P. Alva 255-599; M. Osterson 591; D. Flores 244-591; M. Michalec 578; R. Vivero 573; V. Thomas 571; J. Wittenburg 225-570; T. Crowe 569; L. Stroud 562; A. Flores 237-556; J. Silgero 554; A. Suarez 552; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: T. Wortham 587; C. Lee 565; S. Guinn 561; C. Speer 537; D. Stroud 518; Men: T.J. Mooney 238-697; S. Dickinson 247-672; J. Silgero 240-635; S. Zeplin 232-632; R. Ellis 233-632; B. Hilbig 621; S. Gritta 227-613; R. Gonzales 612; T. Blake 603; D. Flores 234-601; M. Michalec 599; M. Osterson 589; M. Stacy 587; J. Tweedle 586; R. Estrada 579; D. Matthews 575; C. Kurtz 571; R. Vivero 567; T. Bennett 564; R. Mason 560; J. Cano 555; B. Hyden 553; W. Reyna 252; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: N. Wallace 521; J. Brown 506; D. Fitzgerald 197; SUNDOWNERS 1ST GAME OVER Women: S. Guinn 236-666; C. Danesi 262-616; G. Boyd 237-605; I. Caballero 215-578; L. Heil 563; M. Rojas 233-552; P. Robles 534; T. Mason 531; D. Gillespie 517; Men: M. Osterson 232-680; E. Smith 234-664; K. Stasny 245-653; S. Miller 644; R. Ellis 630; M. McDonald 624; R. Rendon 617; L. Boyd 608; E. Smith 608; T. Bennett 598; G. Mason 597; G. Goforth 250-593; T. Pfuhl 233-591; B. Korczynski 585; B. Hammack 225-585; R. Marques 584; J. Rodriguez 225-577; S. Gritta 573; D. Snell 245-573; J. Glass 237-565; D. Reissig 559; G. McClain 557; M. flores 225-557; A. Hempel 557; S. Dickinson 557; N. DelaGarza 553; D. Knowlan 552; A. Flores 551; DOW MIXED 1ST BANDIDOS Women: N. Matchett 515; E. Fuhrman 512; Men: K. Rosales 268-584; L. Fuhrman 544; FRIDAY NITE TRIO Women: K. Garcia 482; Men: G. Hatter jr. 625; M. Canchola 225-624; K. Blake 620; D. Loya 608; J. Silgero 556; M. Soliz 226-553; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 2 Women: M. Ballard 124-342; B. Innes 297; K. Ballard 111.



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