Victoria College should rethink courses

Dec. 13, 2013 at 6:13 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Searching through the paper recently, I read over a letter to the editor regarding Victoria College and its decision to remove higher-level math from its normal and regular curriculum. It would be offering courses such as the calculus courses only once a year, if that. This can easily be seen as problematic to students who have an irregular schedule or are ahead in their schooling. A college that prides itself in preparing students for universities and advancement in their schooling should offer as many higher level courses as possible.

Removing these courses would not only cause a setback to many students but would also cause many future students to attend other colleges instead of VC.

I am a physics major at the University of Houston. I attended Victoria College for the first two years of my college studies. In those years, I took the calculus classes offered and advanced on to higher math here at UH. However, without taking the higher level math at VC, I would not only be semesters behind, but I would have also greatly considered not even going to the school itself.

Much of VC's student population consists of engineering majors and science majors. Such students need to have these courses readily available in order to meet transfer requirements by universities. This is something Victoria College advocates, correct? Providing students with everything they need to "start here, go far?"

Victoria College should greatly rethink the decision to only offer many of their math courses periodically. This could cause a detrimental drop in student population, as well as disappointment from current students.

Joshua Curry, Spring



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