Stylist honors angel who walked among us

Dec. 14, 2013 at 6:14 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Have you ever been so lucky as to have met an angel? If you ever met Naomi Vardaman, you came across one. She is the type you want to keep forever. I have felt this way for more than 45 years as her hairstylist. She always expressed her love for my work, even through the rough spots.

As a true coal miner's daughter from Arkansas; a good wife to a great gentleman, Leon Vardaman; and a perfect mother to her fine son, Leon Vardaman Jr., she was eternally aware of her blessings. She furthered her angelic spirit as being the top accountant executive for the late Tighe and Weatherly Engineering Company in Victoria. She spoke often about how they started their empire from a simple garage setting, and she remained as their last employee to the very end. They knew they had come across an angel, too, because every year to this date after she retired, the Tighe sons still show immense gratitude by giving her each Christmas a huge, elaborate, real fruit wreath for her front door, sent to her all the way from California.

Her selfless way of making everyone feel extremely important was definitely noticed as she quite often told me how grateful she was for her favorite daughter-in-law, Debbie, and blessed with beautiful grandchildren and, her last gift, with a great-grandchild. Even her personal renown physician in Victoria kept her as his last, favorite client. She bragged about this many times and was very proud of it.

Since Dec. 7, she has been in the arms of the Lord. We discussed quite often how valuable it is that we always recognize how the Lord blesses us all and how He has the last say for our lives. So, why wouldn't she be classified as a perfect angel, since from the very beginning she was given a phenomenal biblical name as Naomi?

I know Naomi is in the eternal position now to inspire many to attain an angelic spirit, especially during this holiday season. Thank you, Lord; it looks like You've done it again.

Charles Colson, Victoria



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