BOWLING: Osterson lone bowler to break 700 mark

Dec. 18, 2013 at 6:18 a.m.

Mike Osterson was the only bowler to break the 700 mark this past week with two great games in his series. He was competing in the Fall Sunday Strikers League.

Osterson started with a 242 game but dropped to a 198 second game. He rebounded with an excellent 267 final game to take the weekly honors with a 707 total.

Other scores of note for the men were Darryl Mergele (247-689), Bob Korczynski (248-686), T.J. Mooney (684), Steve Zeplin (268-682/661), Steve Dickinson (679/679), Brian Hyden (678), Tom Crowe (675), Mike Stacy (674/657), Joey Matson (671), Mark McDonald (668), Aaron Whitehead (664), Danny Reissig (661), Jerry Molina (654), Jacob Silgero (653), Randy Vivero (649), Kim Blake (263), Ernest Torres (254) and senior bowler Alfred Hempel with a great 255 game.

Carri Lee bowled the high game for the women with a 235 high game and 617 series while competing in the Sugar & Spice League.

Christine Speer posted a 579 set for the second highest women's total.

Lori Heil was able to bowl only two games in Sundowner competition and she made it worthwhile, with scores of 218 and 226.

My apology to senior bowler Rosalie Roemer, I failed to mention a very good 222 game she bowled last week.

There are only 14 entries left in the 64 entry Century Lanes "New Year's Eve No-Tap" Tournament. Contact the Century Lanes or Trent Blake at 576-1166 to sign up.

Entry forms for the Texas State 82nd annual Open Tournament and the 77th annual Ladies Championship are now available.

Team captains of teams that participated last year received them by mail, and forms are also available at the Century Lanes.

The entry deadline for the Texas State Open is Feb. 15. The tournament will be held in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area.

The ladies state tournament will be held in Lubbock, and the deadline for entries is March 21.

Start getting your teams together to compete in these great tournaments.

The annual Victoria USBC Open and Victoria Women's Tournament entry form will be out soon.

This year both tournaments will be held on the same dates.

Pro notes

The WSOB PBA Chameleon Championship was broadcast last Sunday, with Ryan Ciminelli putting on a great performance.

Ciminelli lost the PBA Viper Championship last week to Chris Barnes, when he left the 7-10 split in the 10th frame.

In Sunday's show, he was the third seed and defeated Tom Smallwood 255-197, and Brian Kretzer 235-179 to reach the finals.

Showing great determination, the left-hander Ciminelli rolled to a great 258-203 victory over top seed, England's Dom Barrett.

After striking in the first ball in the 10th frame and victory assured, an emotional Ciminelli screamed redemption to claim his second PBA title.

The three right-handers Ciminelli faced had no chance against the power ball he showed last Sunday.

Next Sunday, the longest dressed oil pattern at 47 feet will be competed in the WSOB PBA Scorpion Championship.

Amateur Marshall Kent, who received an exemption to compete in this tournament from the PBA Commissioner, is the top seed.

Tom Smallwood will return for the second week as the No. 2 seed. Also on the telecast will be Josh Blanchard and Tommy Jones.

The telecast will be on ESPN at noon Sunday.

WILD TURKEY 1ST (tie) WHATEVER and ALLEY CATS Women: T. Wortham 218-570; Men: M. Wortham 235-627; K. Blake 263-609; W. Mikeska 235-559; FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: M. Osterson 267-707; A. Whitehead 664; E. Smith 635; G. Hatter Jr. 633; C. Bigham 616; J. Cass 592; F. Torres 561; A. Williams 556; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: G. Billo 206-508; Mmen: A. Garcia 217-634; J. Simmons 221-609; J. Figueroa 209-590; A. Hempel 224-588; S. Gritta 213-574; M. Almendarez 550; MONDAY MIXED 1ST COBRA KAI Women: C. Valenta 494; Men: D. Padgett 236-643; H. Bellanger Jr. 619; E. Gonzlaes 230-616; B. Mooney 594; B. Hartman 594; J. Walden 588; M. Lane 245-579; C. Youngblood 567; R. Vasquez 561; J. Talbott 548; D. Tamm 231; RED RIVER ALTERNATOR/STARTER Men: T. Crowe 243-675; J. Matson 234-671; S. Zeplin 240-661; M. Stacy 237-657; J. Silgero 238-653; D. Matthews 634; D. Flores 631; M. Michalec 229-608; T. Williams 606; K. Rosales 598; A. Flores 232-593; J. Blount 225-589; D. Blohm 245-586; K. Schupbach 581; D. Richards 578; J. Molina 576; R. Kalmus 576; J. Figueroa 576; M. Hernanez 226-571; A. Garcia 570; P. Alva 565; M. Wortham 562; D. Garcia 553; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: C. Lee 235-617; C. Speer 579; S. Guinn 213-548; T. Wortham 538; O. Jackson 536; J. Reyna 526; Men: S. Zeplin 268-682; S. Dickinson 236-679; B. Hyden 245-678; M. Stacy 239-674; R. Marek 246-667; R. Vivero 225-649; T. Bennett 238-642; T.J. Mooney 638; D. Flores 627; M. Svatek 621; C. Aiken 618; C. Kurtz 615; T. Blake 611; J. Tweedle 609; M. wortham 243-601; R. Mason 584; J. Cano 577; R. Norman 572; S. Schmitt 568; T. Crowe 226-567; K. Stacy 565; M. Michalec 562; D. Matthews 562; J. Martinez 553; J. Parratt 552; B. Pontillo 550; D. Brackin 233; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: J. Brown 519; B. Long 206; L. Goryews 203; DOW MIXED 1ST Men: J. Molina 225-654; J. Rhymer 617; L. Fuhrman 235-597; K. Rosales 594; E. Torres 254-587; SUNDOWNERS 1ST (3 way tie) GAME OVER, FULL HOUSE, and LETHAL VENOM Women: J. McNary 568; D. Gabrysch 550; M. Matula 547; O. Jackson 543; S. Guinn 532; P. Robles 529; Men: D. Mergele 247-689; B. Korczynski 248-686; T.J. Mooney 237-684; S. Dickinson 234-679; M. McDonald 235-668; D. Reissig 235-661; J. Cass 239-641; G. Mason 230-627; C. Bigham 226-627; R. Kalmus 2250625; G. Hatter Jr. 226-619; J. Glass 247-616; A. Hempel 255-606; D. Dye 591; J. Hernandez Sr. 589; J. Holbert 586; D. Knowlan 585; J.Glass 585; N. DeLaGarza 582; T. Tanner 581; S. Miller 579; M. Unger 574; D. Marques 571; M. Cantu 569; W. Jackson 569; M. Osterson 561; M. Flores 560; J. Rodriguez 559; R. Ellis 559; V. Thomas 557; L. Boyd 549; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1ST NV-US Men: K. Blake 236-634; C. Bigham 607; J. Flores 593; H. Tesch 560; M. Hernandez 554; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM # 2 Women: L. Blakeney 168-362; Men: L. Spence 163-383.

Abel Garcia is the weekly bowling columnist for the Victoria Advocate. He can be reached at



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