Decision to take from veterans was wrong

Dec. 18, 2013 at 6:18 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Open letter to Congressman Blake Farenthold:

You were elected to give your constituents a voice in Washington. Do your constituents want you to make former members of the military bear the burden of Congress' overspending? I doubt that any of them were asked, and as per usual, you voted as you were told to, along party lines with no concern for representing us. You, sir, do not speak or vote for the people you represent. You vote by red vs. blue while never giving any thought to the people your vote could hurt.

In 20 years, I missed quite a few Christmases, birthdays and holidays because of vacations in the Middle East and Balkans to serve on missions that you or your peers voted to send me on. Now, after I have lived in the frozen tundra of Kosovo and the blazing hot desert of Iraq under the constant threat of death, you change my retirement to balance a budget that you and your co-workers have let get out of control.

Why are things like $4.2 billion in welfare for illegal aliens, billions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood or wasteful pork spending not an option to reduce the budget? Why is my retirement that I earned with actual blood (Purple Heart), sweat (two Bronze Stars) and tears (lost friends) in combat and at home training men for war so easily reduced? I chose my job, and I stayed in because I loved the pride in serving my country. Now, my sacrifices were nothing because you don't know how to do math and balance a budget.

I'm ashamed of you; you do not represent me or my area of Texas. My area of Texas would never take a dollar from a veteran before he looked for other options. By taking an estimated $72,000 away from my family, you have voted to "tax" my family because I served. This shows how much you truly "Support the Troops," sir. The members of this small, coastal community that you are supposed to represent will remember what you stand for in the next election.

Michael Allen, Victoria



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