Thank you to angels in store parking lot

Dec. 22, 2013 at 6:22 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

A letter of gratitude written in the true Christmas spirit by 9-year-old Lana Johnson:

We would like to thank the two gracious, angelic ladies who helped me and my grandmother in the parking lot of Ross' department store. On Dec. 17, the keys got locked in our car. The first "angel" to come along bought a $7 gadget from Bed, Bath and Beyond to try, since we had nothing to unlock the car. Her patience and perseverance was amazing. After that, I tried three different stores looking for some instrument to get the car unlocked. We went to Kirkland's and were given a wire that instantly worked. We were so thankful for their help.

The mother of our first angel arrived then to help us. Upon successfully opening the car door, we reimbursed the $7 for the expense.

As we were saying goodbye, the second angel ran back as we were leaving and gave us $20 and ran away. We didn't know their names.

We thanked God for their shopping time that they sacrificed to help us. We give them many thanks.

Lana Johnson, age 9, and Carolyn Johnson, age 67, Goliad



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