Parent is concerned about bus driver's actions

Dec. 23, 2013 at 6:23 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I am writing in regard to what happened the morning of Dec. 18. I was at the light at Main and Tropical Drive waiting for the light to change so I could leave my son at West High School because he had missed the bus. The protected arrow light to turn onto Tropical Drive had skipped us twice, only allowing the light to go straight, so we had to wait.

As we were waiting, there was also a school bus waiting there. All of a sudden, the bus takes off, with the light still red, and heads to West. I look at my son and ask him what number the bus is. He says 51. I was so surprised and angry because there were students on that bus.

I called the bus barn and asked for a supervisor. I then told her what happened, and she said that the bus driver had called to say the light was taking too long and that it had skipped us. I told her that shouldn't matter, that it is wrong and dangerous.

So then I called the school district and told them what had happened. They got my name and number and said they would send it to someone that is above the supervisor from the bus barn.

I just want to say as a concerned parent, the bus driver was wrong to endanger those kids. I wonder what other safety rules are being broken every day.

Sylvia Gonzales, Victoria



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