Reader shares Christmas poem of love

Dec. 24, 2013 at 6:24 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

"Can't Buy Christmas"

by Heather Spears Kallus

Christmas is something we just can't buy,

Although at times, it seems we try.

We rush around with shoppers galore,

Buying more gifts than ever before.

We fret about cards and wrapping and such,

Causing our stress to be a bit much.

We push and shove for sales and deals,

Sometimes forgetting how anyone feels.

We hurry. We worry. Lose sight of the reason,

The heart and soul of this holiday season.

Because the mightiest, glorious gift of them all,

Came surprisingly helpless and ever so small.

Could our Lord Jesus Christ be so humble enough,

To be born in a stable - modest and rough?

Could His mother, so tired, dusty and worn,

Find comfort in where her Son would be born?

A manger, a trough where animals fed,

Would this be the place to lay His sweet head?

What were her thoughts - this makeshift room?

Did she want to clean up with a mop and a broom?

Or did trusting it all would be OK,

Suppress her fears about that day?

This plain wooden trough, so lowly and trite,

Yet, so very grand - it was just right.

God transforms with a simple touch,

Our lives, a manger and things that we clutch.

A manger's a symbol of nothing less,

Than the glory of God. Our lives He will bless.

We mustn't lose sight of the reason we give,

Lest we forget He's the reason we live.

Let's hold Him close - the baby boy,

With swaddling blankets of love, hope and joy.

Let's soften His manger - forgive and be kind.

Let's pray for all mothers - they surely won't mind.

Let's warm the Lord's room, all covered in dust,

By spreading His peace. It's surely a must.

No money could buy this gift of love,

The birthday of Jesus is sent from above.

Without Him on Christmas, it all seems for naught.

We can't buy Christmas. It just can't be bought.



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