Rich Americans must pay their share of taxes

Dec. 28, 2013 at 6:28 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

It is really good that so many people are bothered by cutting benefits to veterans, but what really needs to be asked is, "How did we get here?"

The answer is quite simple: America's wealthy citizens don't want to pay taxes. They continue to push for more and more tax cuts, and now, we are starting to see just where this will have to eventually go. It is politically expedient to demand cuts from social programs, i.e. the $40 billion in cuts from food stamps over the next 10 years, but now these cuts are going to affect a group of Americans who mean something to all of us - and we all have a problem with these cuts.

The wealthy and corporations are the biggest beneficiaries of our military veterans' sacrifice, yet those two groups are the ones most likely to avoid paying taxes. Not only are our veterans going to pay a price for all the tax cuts but so will our elderly, our children, our infrastructure and our health care system. At some point, the wealthy and those who represent their interests in Washington must be willing to raise taxes to fulfill our obligations to our vets and all of America.

So where do we start? How about let's go back to the tax rate under Bill Clinton and do away with all the corporate loopholes. Let's address the super rich using tax havens to avoid paying taxes. Let's not have another war without raising taxes to pay for the war and the veteran benefits that would be needed after the war.

O. Leon King, Cuero



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