Edna's Nidey twins share love for basketball

Feb. 9, 2013 at 10:05 p.m.
Updated Feb. 8, 2013 at 8:09 p.m.

Brett Nidey, left, coaches his daughter, Kacey, on the Edna girls varsity basketball team, while Brandon, right, her twin brother, is the starting point guard for the boys basketball team.

Brett Nidey, left, coaches his daughter, Kacey, on the Edna girls varsity basketball team, while Brandon, right, her twin brother, is the starting point guard for the boys basketball team.

EDNA - If one were to say Edna's point guard wears No. 13 that would not be definitive enough in the Nidey household.

There are two Edna point guards who wear No. 13. There are two Nideys who fill those jerseys. They are also twins.

Kacey is a sophomore, who has filled in at times at point guard. Brandon is the starting point guard for the Cowboys.

Together they keep their parents and grandparents busy following Edna basketball.

Of course their father Brett is more than your typical follower. He's completing his fifth year as the Cowgirls head coach.

"It was tougher on her than it was for Brandon because her dad is the head coach. Brandon is starting. Kacey is behind Caroline," Brett said.

Brett said it is difficult for him to change from coach to parent in minutes, but he manages to adjust.

The adjustment likely was not too difficult Friday night, because Edna topped Jackson County rival Industrial 53-47 in overtime to clinch a playoff berth.

"It would be the same as with any other coach," Kacey said. "He doesn't treat me as a daughter on the court. He treats me like anyone else on the team. It's a little easier for me to understand because he's been my coach before. I know how he coaches and I know what he wants."

What Coach Nidey wants is an up-tempo game where defensive intensity opens up opportunities on the fast break.

Brett's father, Don, introduced him to the game. Brett in turn introduced basketball to his four children. The lessons happened to stick with the twins.

"He always used to teach me in the gym," Brandon said. "He would give me two balls while his high school was (practicing). He would just send me through some drills. I was on the side and would basically work alone. He taught us the fundamentals."

Brett also wore No. 13 when he was younger, which was the reason Edna's point guards now wear the family's lucky number.

Brett's parents live in Victoria and they are at almost every game. Don was the one who noted a humorous mix-up when it came to the statistics of his grandchildren back in December.

"She was getting every stat," Brandon exclaimed incredulously.

"The funny thing about this was she was all excited because her name was in the paper. She says 'My name is in the paper for so many things,' She was getting my stats. I get a little more stats than her, so she was liking that."

Brandon, who averages 10 points, five assists and two steals, was hardly able to contain his smile while retelling this story.

Meanwhile, Kacey, who was sitting right next to him, was rolling her eyes.

"Eventually, ya'll finally fixed it," Brandon said about the newspaper's box score mix-up. "It was a pretty sad moment for her."

"Not really," Kacey interjected. "I thought it was funny, because I knew it bothered you that your name wasn't in the paper."

It was one of the rare times the two have been confused in recent years. Brandon says people may mispronounce their last name, but they are not confused for one another.

The exchange also encapsulates the twins. They are extremely close, but have a good time laughing with and at each other when they are together.

One drives a Ford Taurus. The other drives a pickup truck. One point guard is the established starter. The other point guard is a spot starter who helped her father's program qualify for the playoffs for the third straight year and fourth time in five years.

Brandon's season will end Tuesday night when the Cowboys travel to Bloomington.

His twin and his dad will be in Flatonia on Tuesday playing San Antonio Cole in the Class 2A bi-district playoffs.

Through the years, Kacey and Brandon have frequently been together on the basketball court.

Older siblings, Lori and Alex, were not as interested in basketball as the twins were. Lori, however, was at all the games because she was one of Brett's team managers until graduating last year.

When Brandon and Kacey started playing in first grade, they were on the same team. That continued until third or fourth grade, when they split onto separate teams. Still, they played against each other in a league in Laredo.

"They had a really good youth program through the Boys and Girls Club," Brett recalled. "They were always gym rats and they would come with me to open gyms."

The twins are Brett and his wife Sylvia's youngest children. While the family is once again gearing up for a playoff run, it's another indicator that time does not stand still.

"We look at it two different ways," Brett said when asked about how the family will handle Kacey and Brandon's senior year. "She hates to see them grow, but I'm glad to see them become adults and good people. That senior year will be crazy. But once they are out the house it will be awfully quiet."



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