Searching for romance with mobile apps

Feb. 12, 2013 at 4:03 p.m.
Updated Feb. 12, 2013 at 8:13 p.m.

In a bit of a dating dry spell? Does the thought of Valentine's Day make you sick to the stomach?

Chances are you are not in hate with love but rather just discontent with it - the way it stings when your heart is broken or the overwhelming sense of hopelessness you may feel when it feels like you'll never find the one in your life who will make you truly happy.

Alas, one should always take a chance at love, and what better way to find that perfect soul mate than through your smartphone?

Putting your profile out for the world to see online has been a way to date for a while, but with mobile apps, the dating scene has become a bit more easy.

These are just some apps we feel can put you back on the love market, and perhaps Valentine's Day 2014 can be a much happier one.

Nothing to be ashamed of - give it a try.


Have an existing account collecting dust with this popular dating site? Why not revamp that profile and download the free app for easy access? The mobile app provides a user-friendly experience, making it even easier to access your inbox and browse through people who match your interests.


Love is love - and whether you're gay or straight, there are options out there for you like Blendr and Grindr. Both Blendr, a straight dating app, and Grindr, a gay dating app, use geo-location to find those in your area who are also looking to meet others. The app is free and allows you to post photos of yourself and a short but sweet bio about who you are and what you're looking for. Beware, there are some genuine people looking for love out there and there is also creepers, so be safe.


This is perhaps one of the most interactive of dating apps - think Facebook for singles. The app works like most dating apps. You include some photos and information about yourself, and voila, you are introduced to others around the world whom you may be compatible with. The app also uses geo-location, so you can hopefully find love fast. While the app is free, some of the better features, like phone calling will cost you a pretty penny. But if you are serious about dating, why not give it a go?


When Cupid's bow hits, sometimes it's a bulls-eye, and well, other times, it's way off mark. OkCupid is like most apps, a short biography about yourself and some photos. The difference is that the app asks a series of questions to help you find compatible dates wherever you are. So it basically does the dirty work for you. Hate smokers? Done. Love cats? Well, so does he. The app really allows you to skip the basics so you can find a basic connection and weed out all the duds. And if you stay friends, then at least you have similar interests.

Get out there

If you are single, it's a good idea to always market yourself on these apps, after all, you never know when love will find you. And when apps don't feel like they are doing much good, you can date the old fashioned way - find someone, grow some guts and ask them out.

Regardless, social networking has given us yet another option to find that perfect person.



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