Fashion tips with Haili Z: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Billy Reid Fall 2013

By Haili Z
Feb. 14, 2013 at midnight
Updated Feb. 13, 2013 at 8:14 p.m.

Haili Z stands with the designer Billy Reid backstage at Eyebeam Studios

Haili Z stands with the designer Billy Reid backstage at Eyebeam Studios

Day two of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week came in full force, even with the presence of a blizzard in New York City. Alabama-based designer, Billy Reid introduced his 2013 fall collection, a collection perfect in transitional form and the ideal apparel for Fashion Week - in which I wanted to purchase the collection straight off the runway for the cold, NYC weather.

I loved the combination of materials, the long, floor-length hems and the color palette that Reid chose for the fall. The line boasts of modern simplicity in a structured manner. The pieces are shift pieces, meaning that they are transitional in every way - completely compatible with any wardrobe. I see this line becoming the go-to for every woman's staple pieces, and the men can use these pieces for seasons to come.

All the apparel in this line is timeless and compatible with every wardrobe. I had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Reid backstage at the show hosted at Eyebeam Studios. Reid let us in on his upcoming fall 2013 collection.

"Our approach this season was about the clothes and how our friends would wear them. Ultimately, I wanted the clothes to feel real, finely tailored and constructed with everything we can put into it; clothes that have an unforced elegance, but certainly ready for whatever the occasion," he said. "Elegance that has a warmth, yet a street toughness - wearable and functional luxury and a modern approach to traditional American clothing."

What is something different you've done for the fall collection this year?

For the first time, we've developed men's and women's together as a union where in the past we'd develop men's, finish it, get ready for market, then do women's. So this season we've worked them together. It may have affected the men's, but also it may have affected the women's. Obviously, taking men's to women's is something we do a lot of, but for the first time, it was really great to see the women's affect the men's collection through color and texture.

How do you see these looks worn in the southern states?

I think it's really all about the pieces. We did the red mock dress (cherry wool crepe mock dress), and you can just do so much with it. You can wear this piece with sandals or belt it and wear it to a cocktail party. It's all about finding that piece. You can do so many great things with these pieces. We always make a lot of coats, but there are also so many wearable, lighter-weight pieces in this collection, especially the threads and silks.

What is the main color palette for Billy Reid's fall 2013 collection?

We started with a palette that started with this stage here (Eyebeam Studios) - actually all of the wood. We had a lot of wood chips - hickory, almond and maple. It's really warm, but we made it modern by adding red.

This fall 2013 collection is an absolute must.

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