A Word From VISD: District works to light fire within students

Feb. 16, 2013 at 3:04 p.m.
Updated Feb. 15, 2013 at 8:16 p.m.

Robert Jaklich

Robert Jaklich

In the Victoria Independent School District, we are committed to "Achieving Excellence" for all students, faculty and staff. We believe the power of our school district lies deep within our people, and we have within us the power and the passion to offer our students the quality of education they so richly deserve. During the last seven months, I have had the opportunity to witness this power on a daily basis. It is clearly evident that we have incredible faculty and staff who work tirelessly with our amazing students to provide a future of hope and endless possibilities.

We also realize that our students are like dynamite. All of the power is on the inside, and nothing can happen until the fuse becomes lit. In the VISD, we do not want to light the fire underneath our students. We believe it is our responsibility to cultivate the fire within them.

To cultivate the fire within the area of student performance, we have implemented several initiatives to inspire a relevant, rigorous curriculum with diverse learning options. At Liberty Early College High School, students have an opportunity to obtain up to 60 college hours while simultaneously earning a high school diploma. In the area of technical education, students have seven career pathways to choose from, as well as 48 different career and technical course opportunities. Currently, we have more than 200 students enrolled and employed in career preparation programs, creating 17 industry standard certifications, 23 area industry partnerships and college articulation agreements with several different colleges and universities.

We have also implemented multiple computer-based programs to address the diverse needs of our students. These programs provide credit recovery and intervention opportunities during the school day as well as during our extended tutorial programs from 4:15-8:15 p.m., in which student transportation is provided.

Furthermore, to strengthen advance placement opportunities, we are committed to covering the cost of our students' AP exams. This will allow every student to take every AP exam and not be discouraged to excel due to a financial burden. We are also providing free SAT Prep courses during our extended tutoring sessions for our students who are currently preparing for their college entrance exams.

As we move forward in cultivating our "612 Square Miles of Excellence," we will design our educational strategies to align and support improved instruction, evaluate student performance and improve professional development opportunities.

We firmly believe that this improvement must be a process and not an event. We look forward to working together with our community to create synergistic solutions to the challenges that await us. We have a bright and exciting future, and we thank you for reminding us: "Victoria ISD is too great for small dreams."

Robert Jaklich is the superintendent for the Victoria Independent School District. Contact him at 361-788-9202 or through the VISD website, visd.com.



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