Things to watch at this year's 2013 Claud Jacobs Intercollegiate

Feb. 17, 2013 at 6:03 a.m.
Updated Feb. 16, 2013 at 8:17 p.m.

The 2013 Claud Jacobs Intercollegiate golf tournament tees off Sunday at Victoria Country Club and the Club at Colony Creek. There are some changes to this year's event, and key things to know:


The top three men's golf teams in the recent NAIA coaches poll - Texas Wesleyan, defending national champion Oklahoma City, and Cal State-San Marcos are all in the field for the three-round, two-day men's tournament at Victoria Country Club. No. 4 Oklahoma City and No. 7 Cal State-San Marcos are the two top teams in the women's tournament at the Club at Colony Creek. The UHV women's golf team received votes in the preseason poll, while the men are unranked entering the spring season. Overall, 17 of the 24 teams in the tournament received recognition in the preseason NAIA coaches poll.


For many of the teams in the field, this is the first tournament of the spring season. The same is true for UHV too, but it is playing on its home courses. The Jaguars will have a familiarity with the course that many of the golfers in both fields will not have that could give them a leg up when it comes to some of the intricacies of playing at either Victoria Country Club or the Club at Colony Creek. Vance Edwards enters the tournament as UHV's top golfer, with sophomore Steven Jones as the No. 2. The women will be headed by Brooke Brasseaux and Becky Benchot.


The Claud Jacobs Intercollegiate has been run for several years as an NCAA Division I tournament put on by Texas State. This is the first year the tournament has been hosted by UHV, and the first time it has held events for both genders (before this year, it had been a women's tournament only, with its companion Jim West Invitational held several weeks later.) The university is trying something new, and putting itself out by hosting with Claud Jacobs an event that is pertinent to its golf program on a competition level. Many of these schools will be seen again when the AII conference tournaments roll around later this spring. A strong showing by either Jaguars team could do wonders for their standing in the NAIA rankings.


SHOTGUN STARTSUNDAY TEE TIMES:8:30 a.m. first round; 1 p.m. second round

• 1A - Blake Vinson, Texas Wesleyan; Anthony Marchesani, Oklahoma City; Adam Loran Cal State San Marcos

• 1B - Nathan Anderson, Texas Wesleyan; Monty Lack, Oklahoma City; Ryan Odom, Cal State San Marcos

• 2 - Dylan Anthony, Texas Wesleyan; Scott Verplank, Oklahoma City; Steve Gouirand, Cal State San Marcos

• 3 - Calvin Clyde, Texas Wesleyan; Brodie Hinkle, Oklahoma City; Randy Hensley, Cal State San Marcos

• 4A - Joss Gossling, Northwood; Aaron Flores, Our Lady of the Lake; Michael Slavan, Grandview

• 4B - Jose Pablo Rolz, Texas Wesleyan; Oswin Schlenkrich, Oklahoma City; Scott Shefflette, Cal State San Marcos

• 5 - Derek Trofimczuk, Northwood; Nick Chacon, Our Lady of the Lake; David Walter, Grandview

• 6 - Carter Caldwell, Northwood; Dustin Blair, Our Lady of the Lake; Matt Weeks, Grandview

• 7 - Daniel Stokes, Northwood; Dustin Blair, Our Lady of the Lake; Kyler Ludwig, Grandview

• 8 - Jeremy Novakowski, Northwood; Larry Lopez, Our Lady of the Lake; Tyler Christians, Grandview

• 9 - Niew DuPreez, LCU; Darryn Els, Wayland Bapt.; Garrett Fey, Rogers St.

• 10A - Chad Meador, LCU; Ryan Connolly, Wayland Bapt.; Hagen Barmasse, Rogers St.

• 10B - Facundo Garcia, LCU; Ian Ansett, Wayland Bapt.; Tanner Owens, Rogers St.

• 11 - Leon Scheepers, LCU; Anders Ellingsberg, Wayland Bapt.; Preston Bartley, Rogers St.

• 12 - Nicholas Cornu, LCU; Tristan Cottrell, Wayland Bapt; Mark Healy, Rogers St.

• 13A - Steve Jones, UHV; Gage Murphy, UTB: Jon War, Northern New Mexico

• 13B - Vance Edwards, UHV; Marcos Castillo, UTB; Eric Trujillo, Northern New Mexico

• 14 - Colton Martin, UHV; Eric Cavazos, UTB; Steve Sanderson, Northern New Mexico

• 15 - William Dawson-Hicks, UHV; Alberto Castillo, UTB; Ivan Valdez, Northern New Mexico

• 16 - Zach Cabra, UST; Richard Le, UST; Saad Milan, UTB

• 17 - Jake Truss, UHV; AJ Skiba, UST; Sean Kennedy, UST

• 18 - James Rayner, UST; Gregory Mertens, Wayland Bapt. medalist; Jesse Acosta, UHV medalist



• 1 - Jessica Schiele, Oklahoma City; Alyssa Waite, Cal State San Marcos; Nathalia Valencia, Wayland Bapt.

• 2 - Elia Folch, Oklahoma City; Stacey Rayo, Cal State San Marcos; Morgan Matchett, Wayland Bapt.

• 3 - Mary Larsh, Oklahoma City; Vanessa Chap, Cal State San Marcos; Danielle Shap, Wayland Bapt.

• 4 - Taylor Howard, Oklahoma City; Felicia Titus, Cal State San Marcos; Sarah Helly, Wayland Bapt.

• 5 - Tanya Tibshraeny, Oklahoma City; Lisa Copeland, Cal State San Marcos; Brianne Anderson, Wayland Bapt.

• 6 - Fariza Zain, Northwood; Alainey Muro, UTB; Brooke Brasseaux, UHV

• 7 - Laura DeLeonardis, Northwood; Veronika Vasquez, UTB; Becky Benchot, UHV

• 8 - Daniela Martinez, Northwood; Angela Zepeda, UTB; Lyndie Smith, UHV

• 9 - Esther Kang, Northwood, Cat Lira, UTB; Allison Koenig, UHV

• 10 - Carol Galindo, Northwood; Paulette Tostado, UTB; Lexi Cliburn, UHV

• 11 - Kenzie Rottinghaus, Grandview; Whitney Hocutt, Rogers St.; Alexis Belton, Texas Wesleyan

• 12 - Nicole McDonald, Grandview; Cecille Nordahl, Rogers St.; Deborah Dover, Texas Wesleyan

• 13 - Amalia Mejia, Grandview; Raquel Trevino, Rogers St.; Rachel Zastoupil, Texas Wesleyan

• 14 - Amanda Jones, Grandview; Brooke Fern, Rogers St.; McKenzie Brown, Texas Wesleyan

• 15 - Rachel Patterson, Grandview; Kelsey Stuever, Rogers St.; Alley Harvey, Texas Wesleyan

• 16 - Kurstyn Mills, Oklahoma City; Ashley Zang, Wayland Bapt; Kara Jones, UST

• 17 - Abby Thompson, Oklahoma City; Lauren Kinney, STU; Devon Dueser, UHV

• 18A - Kristin Tucker, SUNY-Dehli; Chanet Fiorina, Northern New Mexico

• 18B - Jessica Miller, SUNY-Dehli; Celine Simmons, STU



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