Years ago for Sunday, Feb 24, 2013

Feb. 21, 2013 at midnight
Updated Feb. 20, 2013 at 8:21 p.m.


Feb. 24 - Last evening at half past five o'clock, a party of prominent young men late from Kansas City started out in a surrey to take a joy ride. At the Sitterle ball park, the horses became frightened and made a plunge for liberty. The occupants were evidently thinking of the girls they left behind; for not one in the party imagined what the cause was that frightened the team. The horses managed to break the tongue out of the surrey and make kindling wood of the vehicle, but the occupants escaped. This jolly crowd was composed of the following young men: George White, J. Colborn, Arch Lyons, J. Noonan, Tony Beck and John McCall. The miracle is how they escaped without a scratch.

Feb. 26 - Superintendent Page has planned a border of flowers around the high school building. If every one in town would take the same interest in his home, and embellish it with flowers, what a beautiful little city we would have.

Feb. 27 - Last night as the editor retired for the evening, the artillery of heaven began a terrific cross-fire with heavy guns. It sounded like the beginning of the Gettysburg battle. The cannonading continued for some moments in regular order, such as had never been heard before. The winds commenced blowing, and some few stray hailstones fell. Finally, the episode passed with a thunder shower, accompanied by an electrical display.


Feb. 25 - Marking the first major action by Earl Fischer as the new president of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce was the appointment of the head of a powerful Highway Committee of the local commercial chamber. Selected to head the important committee as its chairman was Leopold Morris. In turn, Chairman Morris named the following as members of the committee: District Judge J.P. Pool, County Judge J.J. Woodhouse, Mayor Ben T. Jordan and Publisher George H. French of the Victoria Advocate.

Feb. 26 - What appeared at first to be just another shooting star but was later thought to be a comet, shot across the east-southeast skies Friday night, according to several Victorians who witnessed the celestial fireworks.

Feb. 28 - With seventeen shooters out and a beautiful day in which to shoot, the Victoria Gun Club had a highly successful shoot Sunday afternoon in spite of the fact that no "straights" were made. Shooting at 50 targets, J.R. Calhoun grabbed off first honors for the afternoon by breaking 47. In addition to Calhoun, Victoria shooters taking part during the afternoon were P.T. Calhoun, T.M. Scott, L.L. Granberry, Doc Bankhead, W.B. Callan, L.L.B. Hofer, A.B. Alkek, Dr. W.W. Sale and L. Billstein.


Feb. 24 - Norman Bennett is the new baseball coach at Victoria High School. He is due to report Monday and take charge immediately in practice sessions for the team that will open the season early in March. Vollie Williams has been putting the baseballers through some preliminary drills, but will now be putting in more time coaching track.

Feb. 29 - Governor John Connally will add his signature Thursday to those of President John F. Kennedy, Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and other world leaders on the Victoria-area's famous Trail of Six Flags cowhide scroll. In a special ceremony in the executive mansion at 10 a.m., which will be "covered" by Associated Press and United Press International newsmen and photographers, the governor will receive a delegation including Victoria Mayor Joe E. Kelly, Trail president; James T. Carter, secretary, and the mayors of Goliad, Refugio, Port Lavaca, Edna and Cuero.


Feb. 26 - The Victoria Crime Prevention Commission zone coordinators will soon begin compiling valid crime analysis capability reports to be used by the commission and the Victoria Police Department.

The reports are already prepared in each of the commission's five zones as part of the requirements for the Eyes of Texas Crime Prevention program.

Police Chief Jeryl Talley said that the zone coordinators will actually be working from the police department twice a week compiling these reports and helping Crime Stoppers' Sgt. Larry Luna with that program. Luna will serve as coordinator of the crime analysis program.

The information will be used to help the investigations and patrol divisions determine the areas where the crimes are committed and what is being taken.

The reports will also be helpful in assessing the success of crime prevention programs, Talley said.

The chief and Captain of Detectives Jesse Ramirez also discussed the plan to cut down on scam and confidence games. The plan includes the cooperation of local banks and citizen involvement.

They said they want residents to report when they are approached on the street by con men. "A lot of times they (the public) don't report it and go on their way. We don't know they (con men) are in town until some innocent person is ripped off," Talley said.



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