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Crossroad residents rally to support gun ownership (Video)

Feb. 23, 2013 at 10:02 p.m.
Updated Feb. 23, 2013 at 8:24 p.m.

Mark Collins, of Yorktown, dressed as George Washington, holds up a fake assault rifle to make a point while speaking at Saturday's Day of Resistance Second Amendment Rally at De Leon Plaza. Collins also showed the crowd a Washington-era gun to make the point that the weapon was the "original assault rifle."

David and Patty Pringle canceled their plans to go a barbecue Saturday and drove from Rockport to Victoria.

They felt their attendance was needed Saturday afternoon at the Day of Resistance Second Amendment Rally in Downtown Victoria.

The event was part of a national rally.

Both are retired school teachers and hold concealed handgun licenses.

"We want people to support what we're doing," said David Pringle. "It's very important."

His wife agreed.

"I have a right to protect myself," she said. "I have the right to use any form of technology to protect myself."

More than 100 people attended the rally Saturday to discuss Second Amendment rights, which gives Americans the right to bear arms.

"We're here to celebrate the Second Amendment. We're not just celebrating the Second Amendment, but the First, the Fourth and the Fifth and Tenth," said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson in his address at the rally. "All of these things are enumerated in the Bill of Rights. It is a listing of those liberties that we enjoy by virtue of being born free men and women."

Gun control has been the focus of attention at similar rallies across the nation.

In January, President Barack Obama signed 23 executive orders increasing gun control, which has lead to public outcries to protect the Second Amendment.

"A lot of people in Washington are making it difficult to have guns," said Victoria native Daniel Hernandez. "What's important is to make sure individuals who don't have a right to own a gun are not able to. I believe in the Second Amendment, and I'm out here to support it."

Kenneth Buelter, Goliad County Republican Party chairman, attended the rally. He held the flag of Goliad, which has a symbol of a arm holding a bloody sword, during the rally. He said the flag represents that "we would rather cut off our own arm than live under tyranny."

"We have to remind people that if we don't remember history, we will repeat it," Buelter added.

Melvin and Marilyn Scherer, of Victoria, believe their Second Amendment rights are being threatened by government officials.

"If it were not for (Second Amendment rights), we would not be here today," said Melvin Scherer. "I'm thrilled that there are more people like us. Our freedom needs to be protected."



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