57-year-old shows he can still wing it at Riverside (Video)

Taylor Mitchell By Taylor Mitchell

Feb. 24, 2013 at 8:01 p.m.
Updated Feb. 24, 2013 at 8:25 p.m.

Falcon finished the tournament 50-over in the recreational bracket of the Victoria Open in three rounds of play.

Falcon finished the tournament 50-over in the recreational bracket of the Victoria Open in three rounds of play.

There were more than 80 disc golfers at the Riverside Disc Golf Course for the annual Victoria Open this past weekend, but a vast majority of them were younger than 40 years old.

Rick Falcon wasn't one of them. At 57 years old, he was easily the oldest golfer in his foursome Saturday and Sunday.

And that little fact was perfectly fine with him.

"I had a blast and met some good people," said Falcon, a native Victorian, after finishing his final round Sunday afternoon. "I got to talk to some interesting players. It made it a good weekend."

Disc golfers played a total of 63 holes over two days, including 42 holes on Saturday alone.

"Saturday was a grind," said Falcon, who's a carpenter when not on the disc golf course. "At my age, I'm 57 years old, so playing 42 holes in one day can take its toll on the body compared to some of the younger guys out here."

Disc golf is similar to regular golf in many ways - with the most noticeable exception being that disc golfers don't have to worry about carrying a dozen clubs. The etiquette rules such as keeping quiet on the course and furthest from the hole goes first, are the same in both sports.

The holes are generally smaller, ranging anywhere from 100 to 600 yards. You still have drives and make putts.

"It's just about the same," Falcon said. "We throw plastic, and they hit a golf ball."

Falcon has played disc golf on and off for five years now. He first began playing out of curiosity and discovered that not only is it good exercise, but its also fun to play.

"I just came out here and noticed people playing," Falcon recalled. "I've just been casually playing. I'm not a weekend golfer. Most of the guys here are pretty good. They play a lot. I don't play that much. Maybe once every three months if I'm lucky, but I enjoy being out here."

Falcon enjoys the competition the most, and disc golf offers more than just competing against other players.

"You're not only competing against other people but also against the course," Falcon said. "The baskets change locations, so you're not always throwing at the same location. I love competing."

Playing against three guys who were younger than him was plenty of competition for Falcon, but the course provided some stiff competition, too.

"(Sunday), I played a lot better than I did (Saturday), which is a good thing," Falcon said.

After three rounds of play, Falcon turned in a scorecard that was 50-over. While Falcon admitted that wasn't a good score, it wasn't the most important part of playing.

"I had fun. I had a blast," he said.



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