BOWLING: Flores hammers pins for exceptional series

Feb. 27, 2013 at 8:01 p.m.
Updated Feb. 26, 2013 at 8:27 p.m.

Chris Flores' bowling performance in the Monday Mixed League was beyond expectations. The 183 average bowler exceeded his previous career high series by a large margin.

Flores started league play with a 9 pin open frame before he locked in to string 11 strikes in a row for a 279 game. He followed with another great game of 268 and finished with a 232 to total a magnificent 779 series. Without two open frames in the three-game set, he could have bowled an 800 series.

Another bowler who bowled great in the same league was B.J. Rubio, who started league play with 11 strikes in a row before a stubborn 7 pin on the last ball left the left-hander with a 299 game.

Both bowlers will receive an 11-in-a-row plaque from the United States Bowling Congress.

Mike Stacy, as usual, posted a top score with a 254 high game contributing towards a 725 set for second high.

Jacob Silgero bowled three consistent games to finish with a 701 series for third high.

Other scores of note for the men were Joseph Blount (267-681), T.J. Mooney (268-678/651), B.J. Rubio (299-672), Victor Thomas (254-664), Steve Dickinson (658), Calvin Bigham (655), Kenny Schupbach (655), Michael Rodriguez (267-652), Travis Dollins (651), Darryl Mergele (650), Mark Pahmiyer (280), Joey Matson (269) and Tom Crowe (257).

Congratulations to Joe Simmons for a bowling a great 277 game in the senior league.

Sharon Guinn, the recently crowned Women's City Champion, continued with her good bowling during Sundowner League play.

Guinn rolled games of 193, 198 and 244 to finish with a 635 series and high for the women.

Joanna Sanders was a close second with a tremendous 266 high game helping towards a 631 total.

Other ladies breaking the 600 mark were Carri Lee (234-619), Olivia Jackson (249-617) and Christine Speer (237-607).

Chris Guerra with 582 and Patricia Bellanger with 579 also bowled well.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Silgero 779 and Sanders 733, both of the Sugar & Spice League.

The Victoria USBC Open City Tournament will start this weekend at the Century Lanes for a three weekend run. The defending city champion is Brian Hyden.


The complete schedule for the tournament is posted at the Century Lanes or can be viewed at

The finals of the 2013 USBC Masters Tournament was televised last Sunday with some exciting matches being bowled.

In the first match, Parker Bohnn III, (fifth seed) defeated Mika Koivuniemi 278-246. Texan Wes Malott defeated Bohn III 255-248 to advance to the semifinals. In a grind out match with lane transition playing havoc with the bowlers, Malott defeated England's Stuart Williams 202-185.

In the final match between two great PBA Champions but without a major title between them, Malott faced top seed Jason Belmonte.

The match went to the final frame with Belmonte striking out in the 10th frame for a 258 game. Malott needed three strikes in the 10th also to win by one pin. After striking with the first ball in the 10th, Malott tugged the ball and left the 3-6-10 pins. He finished with a 245 game.

WILD TURKEY 1ST CREEK RATS Women: B. Long 481; Men: N. DeLaGarza 609; J. Weber 571; OVER THE HILL 1ST HAS BEENS Women: R. Roemer 480; Men: J. Simmons 277-638; S. Gritta 579; A. Garcia 575; M. Almendarez 569; C. Schubert 564; R. Estrada 555; A. Hempel 548; J. Figueroa 520; A. Vega 519; S. Jones 515; T. Tunchez 214; RED RIVER 1ST (tie) MFP and RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: V. Thomas 254-664; K. Schupbach 245-655; T. dollins 246-651; T. Crowe 257-647; S. Zeplin 229-645; M. Pahmiyer 280-644; J. Tweedle 243-627; M. Stacy 247-627; T.J. Mooney 235-610; J. Matson 269-608; D. Ricards 604; J. Cavazos 236-598; D. Erdelt 597; C. Hoff 225-596; B. Johnson 590; T. Pfuhl 589; T. Bennett 587; M. Osterson 583; R. Martinez 576; J. Molina 225-572; A. Flores 570; W. Parker 562; D. Marques 559; D. Blohm 555; D. Snell 555; D. Garcia 553; M. Mathieu 551; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) HNAG THIS and REDDING & ASSOCIATES Women: C. Speer 237-607; P. Bellanger 579; S. Calliham 555; J. Flores 537; R. Martinez 522; D. Bues 518; Men: C. Flores 279-779; B.J. rubio 299-672; R. Morris 234-634; B. Kitchens 237-631; S. Dickinson 225-628; B. Redding 233-606; M. Redding 595; E. Gonzales 582; D. Padgett 580; R. Bassano 573; B. Mooney 573; M. church 566; H. Bellanger Jr. 560; S. Kocian 558; A. Garcia Jr. 554; D. Dye 551; J. Silgero 237; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST GUTTER NUTZ Women: J. Sanders 266-631; C. Lee 234-619; O. Jackson 249-617; C. Speer 552; P. Bellanger 545; T. Wortham 538; L. King 526; R. Wortham 517; Men: J. Silgero 237-701; T.J. Mooney 268-678; M. Rodriguez 267-652; D. Richards 248-635; B. Hyden 635; L. Stroud 234-633; B. Mooney 225-632; D. Flores 225-616; B. Hill 611; J. Martinez 606; L. Hall 606; R. Estrada 225-604; A. Flores 599; B. Pontillo 597; K. Stacy 596; M. Osterson 590; B. Jackson 585; S. Zeplin 581; W. Kern 569; M. Wortham 567;W. Lorance 565; H. Tesch 561; R. silgero 553; T. Blake 553; J. Tweedle 553; R. King 552; R. Norman 243-548; W. Reyna 235; CAPTAIN'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: C. Goode 201-543; DOW MIXED 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: E. Fuhrman 516; Men: S. Chavez 601; M. Wooton 594; T. Garcia 566; J. Cuellar 560; E. Torres 225-553; K. Mobley 552; B. Buzzell 549; SUNDOWNERS 1ST FULL HOUSE Women: S. Guinn 244-635; C. Guerra 582; O. Jackson 210-577; C. Browning 561; L. Heil 209-555; J. Sanders 212-554; T. Mason 523; I. Caballero 522; S. Wharton 518; Men: M. Stacy 254-725; J. Blount 267-681; S. Dickinson 226-658; C. Bigham 234-655; D. Reissig 243-650; D. Mergele 232-650; J. Glass 235-637; T. Bennett 633; D. Matthews 613; D. Marques 226-607; B. Hammack 604; L. Boyd 599; J. Blaylock 236-592; B. Korczynski 589; G. Pitts 589; H. Reissig 588; R. Rendon 588; R. Vasquez 244-586; M. Osterson 576; R. Brotze 225-576; J. Oswalt 573; S. Miller 572; R. Cooper 569; R. Kalmus 564;M. Cantu 563; N. DeLaGarza 559; V. Thomas 558; C. Hoff 556; E. Gonzales 553; A. Flores 551; D. Guerrero 236; F. Ybarra 234; P. Smith 234; D. Danesi 231; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST SENTRY HEALTHCARE Women: M. Bonuz 512; Men: J. Longoria 243-651; T.J. Mooney 244-651; K. Bryan 225-629; B. Rodriguez 225-628; S. Snow 225-625; D. Matthews 612; A. Garcia Jr. 588; J. Mooney 584; K. Blake 580; M. Cantu 560; O. Tabora 557; R. Gabrysch 554;



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