Midday Mafia: This isn't your granddad's Victoria Country Club

Feb. 27, 2013 at 11:01 a.m.
Updated Feb. 27, 2013 at 8:28 p.m.

Editor's note: The Midday Mafia is made up of five locals who wish to remain anonymous at the moment. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and are as follows: The Don, Two Taps, Walnuts, Jack the Knife and Jimmy Three Cheese. The Midday Mafia will run every other Thursday in Get Out.

The boys decided to go upscale last week and called in a favor from a client with connections at the Victoria Country Club. I hadn't been there in years and wasn't really looking forward to the pomp and circumstance associated with being at a "members only" facility. The Don would never join a club that would have him.

My preconceived ideas were rocked when I didn't find the dated, stale, moldy club I loathed at high school functions years ago. I can still see those fluorescent and rubbery green beans and taste the overcooked meat served at those banquets.

While the memories may be jaded, the present is anything but disappointing at VCC. The facility has a modern, open and inviting atmosphere, and the food is spectacular. I can report the place to be hip!

The club has several rooms available at lunchtime, and private dining is an option for those who desire to eliminate distractions. As you might suspect, the Mafia took advantage of this, as we all like to eat with our backs to a wall. The Wine Cellar was set up for our enjoyment, and we were able to tell stories and laugh out loud without offending or disturbing other groups. There was a large group of 20 or so down the hall, and we never heard them or vice versa.

Victoria Country Club has that next level of service you expect from a private facility. There are cloth napkins, sesame seed crackers, real butter in cool, little balls and constant attention to detail that made ours a wonderful experience. The food is really good, and there is a noticeable emphasis on presentation.

Jimmy Three Cheese blew right through last week's salad and humbled a chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich presented with Cajun French fries that were unique and tasty. Two Taps had some light and dainty salad with sprouts and a low-fat vinaigrette and three of the little sesame crackers with butter as he told us about his workout regimen for the week. Walnuts and I had the traditional club sandwich served with chips, and it was loaded. Turkey, ham, bacon, fresh ingredients all served on toasted bread make this a favorite anywhere, but it is better at a country club. Jack the Knife had, and wait for it, a hamburger and reported it to be excellent. He also had a cup of seafood chowder, and the boys chuckled as he asked what each "lump" in his soup was; life is simpler when he just eats a burger.

This is not a normal review for the boys but more of a giving credit where credit is due report. We are proud of Victoria for having this first-class club and recommend it for those considering joining a country club. Next time, back to our normal haunts. Till then, forget about it.

Want to join the Mafia when they hit another local eatery? Email them at middaymafia@gmail.com.



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