Food service inspections for Dec. 19-26

Jan. 1, 2013 at midnight
Updated Dec. 31, 2012 at 7:01 p.m.

The Victoria City-County Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun counties.

In the inspection reports, each violation in the Food Temperature/Time Requirements category is 5 demerits; in the Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements category, 4 demerits; and in the Facility and Equipment Requirements, 3 demerits. Zero is a perfect score, while 100 demerits is the worst possible score.

Each Wednesday, the Advocate publishes inspection results from the previous week. All demerits are reported, but only those in the categories of Food Temperature/Time Requirements and Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements are detailed.


Pinto Bean Restaurant, 700 W. Main St., Edna. Demerits: 26. Wash hands before putting on gloves. Employee drinks need lids and straws. Cover dry ingredients in back storage room. Do not use "thank you" bags to store food. Recommend using food-approved bags such as Ziploc or use Saran Wrap or foil. Use gloves when handling ready-to-eat foods. Date label food in walk-in cooler with seven-day use-by date. Hand sink in waitress station not working properly. Hand sink at waitress station does not drain at all. Repair hand sink so that it drains properly. Seal holes in establishment. Before the inspection was finished, the front sink was fixed. Two facility or equipment violations.

La Michoacana No. 30, 2211 Lone Tree Road, Victoria. Demerits: 18. Improper cold-hold temperature. Date label meat in walk-in cooler. Do not block hand sink in bakery. Address problem with gnats in back storage area. Ice machine needs to be cleaned.

Hermes Bakery and Cafe, 508 E. Broadway St., Cuero. Demerits: 15. Need proper ingredient labels for pies and nuts. Need to cover all items in coolers. Dispose of expired milk. Keep time documented on sausage rolls. Must wash, rinse and sanitize all dishes. One facility or equipment violation.

Tejas Cafe, 1602 N. Esplanade St., Cuero. Demerits: 14. Cover food in coolers. Date label food in coolers. Need paper towels at hand sink. Ice machine needs to be cleaned. Two facility or equipment violations.

Wienerschnitzel No. 595, 3602 John Stockbauer Drive, Victoria. Demerits: 14. Wash hands before putting on gloves. No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. Address problem of flies in the kitchen area. Clean the ice machine. Two facility or equipment violations.

Josie's Mexican Food, 610 W. Adams Ave., Port O'Connor. Demerits: 12. Improper cold-hold temperature. All the potentially hazardous foods should be in two-door glass. One facility or equipment violation.

Madden's Lounge, 201 Main St., Port O'Connor. Demerits: 10. Hot water should be left on. Need soap and paper towels at all hand sinks. Two facility or equipment violations.

Dos Hermanos Mexican Cafe, 106 E. Houston Highway, Edna. Demerits: 7. Store raw meat below other food in the coolers. Bleach bucket needs to be labeled. Cannot have Raid in the establishment. Only use a licensed professional. One facility or equipment violation.

Whataburger No. 428, 112 E. Houston Highway, Edna. Demerits: 7. Double hand wash and use hand sanitizer while handling ready-to-eat foods or use gloves after hand-washing. Label red sanitizer bucket. One facility or equipment violation.

Cactus Canyon, 3613 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 6. Address problem with gnats. Leak under the three-compartment sink needs to be repaired. Two facility or equipment violations.

Stripes No. 7352, 1901 Sam Houston St., Victoria. Demerits: 4. Improper cold-hold temperature. Dispose of the medication that is out of date.

Tilley's Custom Barbecue, 724 TL Overture, Cuero; Whistle Stop, 8501 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 3.

Cowboy Barbecue Inc., 907 N. East St., Edna; Art's Barbecue, Corner of Byers Road and state Highway 185, Port O'Connor; Port O'Connor School, 508 W. Monroe St., Port O'Connor; Penny's Seafood and More, 102 W. Bay Ave., Seadrift; Arnold's, 3011 S. Laurent St., Victoria; Riverside Golf Course, 302 McCright Drive, Victoria; Silver City Deli, 3105 Callis St., Victoria; Skateworld, 108 Monterrey Drive, Victoria; Speedy Stop No. 30, 5906 N. Navarro St., Victoria; Two Step, 4106 Houston Highway, Victoria; VISD Food Service, 102 Profit Drive, Victoria; Zion Lutheran Church of Mission Valley, 12183 Farm-to-Market Road 236, Victoria. Demerits: 0.


Whataburger No. 616, 8908 N. Navarro St., Victoria, inspected Dec. 18 with 22 demerits. Re-inspected Dec. 19 with all violations corrected.



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