Kurtz throws strikes, nabs high series

Jan. 2, 2013 at 11:03 p.m.
Updated Jan. 1, 2013 at 7:02 p.m.

Chris Kurtz was able to nab the weekly high series honors with a strike filled three-game set.

In spite of four open frames in the series, Kurtz generated enough strikes to roll games of 223, 237, and 255 to total 715 in the Sugar & Spice League.

The last game he started with 7 strikes before a nine pin count and miss stopped his string.

Kim Blake also broke the 700 mark with consistent games of 236, 236, and 230 for a 705 set in Friday Mixed competition.

Other scores of note for the men were Steve Dickinson (265-691/255-663), Steve Zeplin (248-685), Randy Vivero (256-683), Jacob Silgero (266-678), Mike Stacy (676), Mark Svatek (675), Danny Reissig (266-671), Dave Matthews (671), Miles Michalec (254-666), T.J. Mooney (257-652), Jesse Longoria (264), Ben Speer Jr. (256), and Eddie Stevens Sr. (254).

Carri Lee posted the women's high series while competing in the Sugar & Spice League also.

Lee produced games of 233, 204, and 203 to establish a 637 set.

Sharon Guinn was on target for an impressive 267 high game, which helped her toward a 597 set and second high.

Other nice scores for the women were Christine Speer (595), Denise Gabrysch (211-587), Trudy Wortham (230-583), and Morgan Matula (226).

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Steve Dickinson (757) and Monica Gonzales (707), both from the Sugar & Spice League.

Congratulations to Jacob Silgero for breaking the bank during the Friday Mixed League at the Century Lanes last week.

The Over The Hill, Monday Mixed, and Red River Leagues will resume their schedule after the holidays next week.

Scott Norton defeated Jason Belmonte 227-223 to win his second PBA title during last week's telecast of the Chameleon Championships.

As has been the norm in the current season's final game, the bowler who has been able to come through in the clutch has won.

Norton was able to finish with four strikes in a row for his 227 game, forcing Belmonte to strike his first ball in the 10th for the win. Belmonte left the 10 pin on his delivery to lose the match.

Norton reached the finals by defeating Fawaz Abdul 225-194 and Walter Ray Williams 236-195.

Abdul, from the country of Bahrain, made PBA history by being the first bowler from the Middle East to reach the finals.

Belmonte will return in next weeks' Bowlers Journal PBA Scorpion Championship scheduled for Sunday noon on ESPN.

Joining Belmonte in the final four step-ladder finals will be Osku Palerma (Finland), who is also a premier two-handed bowler and should be a strong contender.

SUGAR & SPICE 1ST HANG DAT ASS Women: C. Lee 233-639; S. Guinn 267-597; C. Speer 213-595; T. Wortham 230-583; O. Jackson 222-580; B. Koebrick 578; M. Gonzales 566; L. Mikulec 553; P. Bellanger 550; J. Reyna 547; R. Wortham 521; Men: C. Kurtz 237-715; S. Dickinson 265-691; S. Zeplin 248-685; R. Vivero 256-683; M. Svatek 246-675; D. flores 235-645; L. Mikulec 238-642; B. Speer jr. 256-638; R. Fisseler 237-617; J. Tweedle 616; J. Cano 615; T.J. Mooney 610; M. Osterson 601; D. Richards 601; J. Parratt 589; M. Hernandez 245-583; P. Smith 578; W. Lorance 236-577; B. Hilbig 576; D. Kern 567; T. Bennett 566; A. Flores 563; B. Hyden 563; R. Marek 560; H. Johnson 556; B. Pontillo 226-553; CAPTAIN'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: B.J. Mathiews 215-524; J. Brown 513; D. Schmidt 513; C. Goode 201; SUNDOWNERS Women: P. Robles 556; O. Jackson 210-555; C. Browning 539; S. Wharton 537; G. boyd 533; M. Matula 226-533; J. Sims 527; S. Guinn 524; L. Heil 214-523; Men: M. Stacy 237-676; D. Reissig 266-671; M. Michalec 254-666; B. Korczynski 643; S. Miller 640; M. Unger 243-639; D. Matthews 626; G. Hatter Sr. 244-619; C. Hoff 614; R. Brotze 248-613; R. Bassano 612; T. Pfuhl 247-607; T. Bennett 607; P. Smith 595; B. Alex 232-594; S. Dickinson 246-592; B. Hammack 592; E. Stevens Sr. 254-591; R. Silgero 590; A. Suarez 588; D. Marques 228-587; C. Schubert 231-587; M. Osterson 586; L. Helms 225-585; J. Blount 584; G. Mason 584; G. Hatter Jr. 225-583; J. Bryant 577; C. bigham 225-574; M. Cantu 568; J. Silgero 565; R. Kalmus 557; E. Gonzales 233-555; V. Thomas 552; F. Ybarra 552; L. Boyd 231; I. Gomez 225; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST SENTRY HEALTHCARE Women: D. Gabrysch 211-587; N. Mergele 212-527; Men: K. Blake 236-702; J. silgero 266-678; D. Matthews 235-671; S. Dickinson 255-663; T.J. Mooney 257-652; D. Loya 626; M. conchola 235-620; J. Flores 238-604; J. Longoria 264-602; C. Bigham 597; S. Snow 247-579; J. Smith 568.



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